Burning Betrayal summary and ending explained

Burning Betrayal follows a woman who has a passionate affair with a mysterious judge after finding out her husband’s a cheater, but trouble surrounds her from every corner. The film is currently streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Babi finds out at her bachelorette party that her fiancé Caio is cheating on her. The handsome judge presiding over the case that her fiancé is involved in catches her attention and after the devastating revelation, she severs her ties with Caio and later stumbles upon the judge several times.

They get off on a good start and during one getaway trip with his motorcycle club that she joins, she and Marco have a steamy night that rivals the one she once had a dream about. However, Marco’s mysterious nature puts her off a bit.

Nevertheless, they continue their affair as Babi is also dead set on her revenge against Caio. She wants to bring the evidence she found against him to Marco because she trusts him, even though her best friend Thiago warns her about him.

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When a shocking truth about Marco comes to light, a heartbroken Babi storms off his house before getting driven off the road by a car and suffering a lot of injuries. After recovery, she is told the whole truth about his life by Marco.

He wastes no time after that to confess his feelings and ask for her hand in the journey ahead as an official couple. However, she needs some time which he has no problem with.

Meanwhile, Thiago is revealed to have a sinister side to him that surfaces to make matters dire for Babi. She is endangered in a remote location that Marco tracks down with the help of Paty. An intense climax comes to a halt as Burning Betrayal rolls the credits.

Burning Betrayal ending explained in detail:

What is Marco hiding?

Marco is a mysterious enigma who enraptures Babi completely. She’s drawn to his mystique and wants to know more about him.

He shares in crumbs, telling her several times that his life is complicated and that he finds it hard to trust others.

After they’ve been sleeping together for a long while, their affair comes to a screeching halt when Marco’s wife Paula forces herself into his house.

Mad at him, she reveals to Babi that she’s Marco’s wife and badmouths him, hurling insults at him as well as her. She says he left her and destroyed her when she needed him the most.

Babi is furious and disappointed and promptly leaves. Later on, in Burning Betrayal, Marco comes clean to Babi. He takes her to this hospital room where his daughter Paula is currently receiving intensive care.

She has a rare disease and developmental issues that require her to be attached to machines all the time. Paula was suffering from mental issues before her pregnancy and after the birth of their daughter, it only got worse.

Marco reveals that he tried everything to help but nothing worked. His last straw was when Paula tried to take Vitória away from the life-sustaining machines with her. He then got a restraining order against her and very soon, he tells Babi, that their divorce is about to be finalized.

What did Caio do?

Caio is involved in a money-laundering scheme. He got himself involved in it when Thiago, his fianceé’s best friend and colleague at the firm, told him about it.

However, he didn’t know that doing this would involve working for a crime syndicate. However, as long as it benefitted him and satiated his thirst for women, he was fine with it.

Caio was cheating on Babi all this time she was spending preparing for their marriage. His cheating is what gives way to Babi’s sexual liberation in Burning Betrayal.

What happens to Thiago and Caio?

Thiago was the one behind Caio and Babi’s separation. He says he did after seeing Caio spend all the money he made on leisures. He’s the one who sends her photographs of Caio having sex with other women.

He’s also the one who tries to do everything he can to stop Babi from revealing the contents of the laptop she gets her hands on.

The evidence against Caio within the laptop incriminates him and it would eventually do the same for Thiago. As the crime syndicate makes it clear that they have to fix this Babi problem, Thiago becomes dead set on killing her.

He takes her to a forest puts her inside a grave, and hands over Caio the gun to kill Babi, but he can’t. Babi tries to retaliate by hitting Caio with a shovel. However, it doesn’t do much for her case.

Caio still can’t shoot her so Thiago puts a bullet in him. He goes to shoot her but Marco, who tracked Babi down with the help of her best friend Paty, arrives and stops him, getting shot himself in the process.

Thiago goes to shoot again but the police arrive and he’s shot down. The ending of Burning Betrayal sees an anchor talk about the crime that transpired, mentioning that two men were arrested for trying to kill Babi.

Caio and Thiago seem to be dead but as the anchor reveals, they are still alive and in detainment.

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