Bhakshak review: Gritty drama overstays its welcome

In Bhakshak, a struggling journalist makes a disturbing discovery about a girls’ shelter home and starts an investigation that nobody would. The movie is now streaming on Netflix.


Vaishali Singh is a struggling journalist who has been building her independent channel, Koshish News, for the past three years.

Vaishali’s informant, Guptaji, eventually brings a social audit report that may turn things around for Vaishali.

The social audit report talks about young girls being abused at a shelter home in Munawwarpur. It’s been two months since the report arrived, but no one has taken any action against this shelter home.

Before broadcasting the news, Vaishali attempts to investigate the place, which lands her in trouble with well-connected people who threaten her family.

Will she continue to fight for the young girls who are suffering at this shelter home every day, or will she ignore all of this like everyone else in order to protect her own family?


Bhumi Pednekar has been tinkering with thrillers a lot lately, and Bhakshak is where she fits perfectly.

It doesn’t take long for viewers to accept Vaishali Singh as a strong lead for the film, all thanks to Bhumi’s performance. She makes the character comfortable, relatable, and inspiring within the first 10 minutes of the film.

Sanjay Mishra, as Bhaskar Sinha, doesn’t have the most important role, but Mishra’s presence itself feels important. Without Mishra, Bhumi’s role as a journalist feels empty.

Aditya Srivastava’s performance as Bansi Sahu may not send chills down one’s spine. He plays a generic politician, hiding his dark secrets.

Sai Tamhankar, as SSP Jasmeet Gaur, is a surprise, and her presence makes one expect a lot from her. Unfortunately, Tamhankar has a lot less to offer, as the lead character has to take the reins by the end.


Bhakshak sets the world and environment of Patna and Munawwarpur right. The small towns feel picked from another Bollywood film that rather tells a heartland story, but in Bhakshak’s case, viewers get a darker and grittier tale.

The film is quick on its feet to introduce the main plot while also exploring the personal life of the lead character. It strikes the right balance here to keep the viewers hooked.

The supporting characters, such as Guptaji and Vaishali’s in-laws, feel important to the world of Bhakshak, as their stories involve important discussions and also have some entertaining bits for this gritty thriller.

Sudha’s experience at the girls’ shelter home in the film inspires fear. The viewers discover the haunting truth about the place along with this character.


The actions of the antagonists are terrifying, but the antagonists themselves fail to instill fear.

The film also feels unnecessarily longer in the end, as it stretches conversations and its message.


Bhakshak is a captivating thriller that asks the viewers the right question and also puts them in the same dilemma that Vaishali is in. The film has a short and good story that feels stretched more than required.

Bhakshak review: Gritty drama overstays its welcome 1

Director: Pulkit

Date Created: 2024-02-09 13:30

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