Believer 2 review: Action overshadows the narrative of the sequel

In Believer 2, when Mr. Lee’s subordinate comes to Korea, various parties see it as an opportunity to find the elusive Mr. Lee. The film is now streaming on Netflix.


Believer ended with Jo Won-ho tracking down Seo Young-rak. The sequel follows the events that happened before this meeting. Jo Won-ho was not able to find Rak using the tracker that he had put on Laika’s collar, as Rak had found the tracker and gotten rid of it.

Rak is not Mr. Lee, and he leaves a name for Jo Won-ho, which helps him uncover the real Mr. Lee’s identity. Jo Won-ho disobeys his senior’s orders and continues looking for the infamous drug lord.

Meanwhile, Rak steals the raw materials from Brian’s drug factories as well as Brian’s money. He leaves a sample of his Laika in Bo-ryeong’s hand to entice Mr. Lee, as he is also determined to find Mr. Lee.

It is Seob So-cheon, also known as Big Knife, Mr. Lee’s loyal subordinate and Jin Ha-rim’s step-sister, who comes to Korea to look into the matter. When Brian, who escapes police custody, tells her that he has more raw material stored in Thailand, she decides to kidnap Rak and get him to make Laika.

Will Jo Won-ho and Rak find the real Mr. Lee, or will Seob So-cheon kill them before they accomplish their goal?


Cho Jin-woong plays Jo Won-ho with the same intensity that he displayed in the first part. His single-minded pursuit of Mr. Lee allows the audience to grasp the obsessive nature of his search.

Oh Seung-hoon replaces Ryu Jun-yeol to play Rak, and he does not disappoint. His clearheaded approach is in stark contrast to Jo Won-ho’s restlessness. When the script requires, Oh Seung-hoon is able to portray his character’s desperation and sadness as well.

Cha Seung-won, who plays Brian, goes from being a powerless fanatic to a scheming villain as the plot progresses. Cha’s performance makes the transformation believable. 

Lastly, Han Hyo-joo portrays Seob So-cheon as a dangerous antagonist. As Seob So-cheon’s character is further explored, she is seen as a woman who longs for a man’s approval. The actor balances the two sides of the character well.


There is no dearth of action in Believer 2. The film will not disappoint those who wish to watch a lot of violence, gunfights, and bloodshed. The torture scenes do not fail to horrify the audience.

The film ends with a conversation between Rak and Jo Won-ho. This conversation has the depth that the film greatly needed. The fulfillment of the characters’ purposes comes at a cost. The scene that brings their arduous journey to an end allows the audience to get closure. 


The film can be confusing, not because of the plot’s complexity but because of the inconsistencies in the plot. The events that connect the two films will leave the audience with a number of questions that are not answered.

The story is filled with plans and plot twists, but they neither surprise the audience nor do they make the plot gripping. As the characters are constantly conspiring, the story seems overstuffed with their vapid schemes. 

The film has a lot of action, but there is not enough character development. The characters, barring Rak, do not learn from their mistakes. Seeing Jo Won-ho disregard the consequences of his actions and repeat his mistakes is frustrating. 

Furthermore, the audience will not feel for the characters, as the film does not establish an emotional connection between the characters and the audience. Even the most tragic deaths are not moving.

The two films make Mr. Lee seem like a larger-than-life character. However, as he himself states in the film, he turns out to be ordinary. The way he meets his end is dull and disappointing.


The plot of Believer 2, which is full of inconsistencies, is overshadowed by the action in the film. Although the film is nothing special, those who wish to know how Jo Won-ho and Rak’s story ends can give it a chance. 

Believer 2
Believer 2 review: Action overshadows the narrative of the sequel 1

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