An Astrological Guide for Broken Hearts season 2 review: Stereotypical yet fun rom-com


‘An Astrological Guide For Broken Hearts’ is a Netflix rom-com series that tells the story of Alice and her search for the right partner according to zodiac signs.


Alice is single and heartbroken. Her ex-boyfriend and colleague, Carlos, is having a baby with Cristina and they are soon to be married.

A heartbroken Alice suddenly has a change in her stars and multiple new things begin to happen in her life one after the other like a domino effect. With the entry of a new boss, a new astrologer friend and a new project at work, her life starts becoming interesting.

The first season left off with Alice’s new boss Davide Sardi sharing a kiss with her and later kissing his girlfriend which Alice involuntarily witnesses.

Alice is allowed to go to Paris to interview a renowned astrologer but she’ll be going with Davide. What will happen with the two in the city of love?

Tio is dating Andrea and Paola has another baby on the way just when she started working again. How will things turn out for Alice’s friends?


The performances are just fine. It is what one would expect from a cheesy romantic series.

It is a mixed bag with everything from the relatable yet dramatic protagonist of the story, Alice, to the over the top narcissistic, Merlin.

Claudia Gusmano who plays Alice very well resembles a book’s protagonist. She embraces the character and feels natural.

Lorenzo Adorni, Esther Elisha and Alberto Paradossi, are all playing modern stereotypes but their acting very well covers up for that.


This season is an easy watch. It has a binge-able quality and can be finished in one sitting, but mostly for an audience who enjoy a slice of life rom-com.

There is no hyperactive drama nor are there sweeping emotions which makes the series light and exciting.

The series tackles the women’s plot points with respect. While Alice likes Davide she is also very serious about her work and doesn’t want their relationship to affect their working environment.

Barbara and Alice share a sweet moment and find a friend in each other recognising that women need not fight over a dude. Paola is stuck between work and family but does not think of either of them as less.


‘An Astrological Guide For Broken Hearts’ relies on stereotypes quite heavily. Everything under the sun which may be even remotely related to a rom-com can be found in the series.

It is easily noticeable that it is based on a novel. Seldom are there things that are out of the ordinary or new. This makes the series extremely predictable except for the dinner that Alice and Barbara share which was a warm welcome.

But it does not stay welcome for a long time when Barbara spells out everything that is happening on the screen. This happens again when Paola is addressing her worries to Alice.

It looks down on the audience’s intelligence sometimes when everything that is being perfectly conveyed through the visuals and dialogues is blatantly being talked about by the characters.

Being the protagonist in ‘An Astrological Guide For Broken Hearts’, things seem to come to Alice with a click of the fingers. It becomes hard to find any significance in such a character.


Season 2 of ‘An Astrological Guide For Broken Hearts’ is a fun and easy watch without much meaning behind it. People who enjoy romantic comedies will be sure to have a good time watching this series.

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