An Astrological Guide for Broken Hearts season 2 summary and ending explained

‘An Astrological Guide for Broken Hearts’ or ‘Guida astrologica per cuori infranti’ season 2 is a Netflix rom-com revolving around the story of Alice, who befriends an astrology guru in the search of a partner. 

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Season 1 ended with Alice kissing her boss Davide as she finds out that he has a girlfriend just after. The second season opens with Davide explaining that he has a girlfriend, Barbara, and though what happened between him and Alice has never happened to him before, he can’t leave Barbara. 

Alice’s best friend Paola is all set to rejoin her work after the baby and she couldn’t be more excited and nervous about it.  

Alice’s show saw a massive rise in ratings and the special episode was a super hit followed by an office party. Before she could even enjoy her success, Alice and Davide have a new plan for a Versailles themed special episode.

For the special night, Tio especially dresses Alice up. But the night turns awkward when Davide walks in with his girlfriend. During the party, the DJ keeps eyeing Alice and finally talks to her when she is cooling off by the bar after the tough time she just had. She has an encounter with Davide as she is changing her clothes in the bushes due to the never-ending line to the lady’s room. In a fit, she kisses the DJ. 

The next morning, Alice wakes up to her ex-boyfriend Carlos cleaning up her kitchen. Turns out, he confesses to Cristina that he was cheating and was kicked out. While trying to figure out where things went wrong, Carlos realises that he fears that he’ll be a terrible father as he had a rough childhood with his parents. At the office, Alice tries to explain Carlos’s situation to Cristina. 

Davide has arranged an interview with Professor Klauzen, who is a renowned astrologer. This meeting was fixed with the help of Barbara and it will take place in Paris.

The idea to interview the professor was Alice’s but she is the one not going to Paris as it would be inappropriate for Davide and her to go together, so they decide on her not going along. He explains that he tried to get off the project so that she could go but the higher-ups wanted him to coordinate. 

The DJ from the other night shows up to her office as a contestant on her dating show. Later, he takes her to play paintball together so that she can wash away her frustration. After the fun date, they go back to his place and she realises that he is young. The boy is 19. 

She goes to Tio’s to vent and sees how good he is with his grandmother. On her way back home, she finds Davide waiting for her. They go to her place but are interrupted by Carlos and Davide sneaks out of her house. Alices too kicks Carlos out. 

While Paola and Alice are enjoying the day off together, Esther drops the bomb that she is pregnant again. Alice tries to read her horoscope chart which rubs Esther the wrong way and she leaves. Later, she runs into Davide and Barbara who invite her to have lunch with her but she wiggles her way out of it with an excuse. 

Alice gets a call from her parents, informing her that Carlos is staying with them. Just when she thought that the day can’t turn weirder, she finds herself having lunch with her parents and her ex-boyfriend.

Carlos kisses Alice in an attempt to justify that Cristina might not be the one for him and he is deluded into thinking so because she is pregnant. Alice comes clean that she also got pregnant with his child and had a miscarriage and makes him realise that what he has with Cristina is real. 

Paola is mad at Alice again when she suggests that Paola should talk about the pregnancy with her husband. 

After a bad day, she rants that the stars are not aligned for her to Tio. They discover that they have been reading her chart wrong all this time as she was born at 11:45 AM and not PM. 

An employee cannot make it to Paris and Alice is chosen as the replacement. So, she and Davide are going to be together in the city of love. Tio and her come up with an elaborate plan to avoid awkwardness and tension with Davide. But the plan goes down the drain when the trip is extended due. 

While the two are having an unplanned lunch in Paris, she asks him if he loves Barbara. Before Davide could answer, she gets up and leaves. She wanders around the city by herself but soon realises that her wallet is missing and her phone battery is dead. Luckily, she spots Davide who has her wallet as she had left it at the cafe. 

As they sit by the river, he tells her that Barbara is the fiance of his dead brother and being close to her feels like him and it is the same for her. 

Later in the night, they end up in the same hotel room. But, in the morning he leaves in a hurry as his brother’s dog falls ill. 

If you have any doubts about the ending, here’s a full breakdown.

An Astrological Guide For Broken Hearts season 2 ending explained in detail:

Female friendships 

Carlos is determined to profess his love to Cristina. He writes a love letter and reads it to Alice for her approval. Alice tells him that actions speak louder than words.

Barbara finds Alice at her office and asks her to have dinner together. Due to the presence of her boss at the scene, she is forced to reply with a yes.

Alice goes to apologise to Paola, who is still angry at her. She explains that she was in the wrong and they make up. Paola informs her friend that her husband decided to take time off of work to take care of the children so that Paola can work at her office.

For her night with Barbara, Alice puts a lot of effort into the way she appears. At the restaurant, Barbara tells her that she often used to visit the place with her fiance. Though Davide doesn’t talk much, she sees the way he looks and smiles at Alice. Barbara outright asks Alice if she loves Davide.

She doesn’t love him. Neither does he love her. He just reminds her of his brother. To this, Alice replies that she doesn’t wish to hurt anyone. Alice drives Barbara back home. Davide sees the two of them together through his window.

True love?

In an interview, Tio tells that he never believed in everlasting love. This sparks a fight between him and his boyfriend, Andrea. Tio makes it clear that he had already been informed about his stance on love from the very beginning and that it was just something that he said for the interview. Tio refuses to discuss the topic any further and walks away, breaking things off.

Alice finds Cristina at her door as she is done with Carlos. It was because of what Alice had said to him about actions that he tied himself with chains and refused to move till Cristina forgives him. So, instead, Cristina leaves him and comes to live with Alice.

Alice gets an offer from a bigger broadcasting station in Rome but she does not consider it as it will be stabbing Davide.

Ever after 

It is finally the day for the Versailles special live episode broadcast. At the set, Alice finds out that Davide has left for a job in Hong Kong.

Tio is flirting with a girl and Alice is bothered by it. She conveys her worry that Andrea would be hurt by his actions. Tio does not take this well and leaves in the middle of the conversation.

Outside Alice’s home, Carlos is singing a song for Cristina out on the streets. Just then, her water breaks and they rush to the hospital.

Alice has no reason to decline the offer from a better TV channel. So, she leaves for Rome. A month later, Davide surprises her and explains that though he tried to run away, he could not be not near her. He finally reveals that he is a Leo.

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