Alpha Males review: Wholesome drama accompanied by effortless performances

In ‘Alpha Males’, four best friends adjust their individual lives according to the women around them while also trying to learn more about their toxic masculinity. The series is now streaming on Netflix.


Best friends Santi, Luis, Raul, and Pedro identify themselves as sexists and thrive to learn more about their toxic masculinity by participating in a course on the deconstruction of masculinity.

Pedro loses his job at a television network to a woman. Upon learning that her husband has lost his job, Pedro’s wife, Daniela, stands up to find a way to earn money.

She plans on becoming a social media influencer and supporting her family through the money earned from that. Pedro doesn’t approve of her adventures and constantly criticizes her, though all she’s trying to do is help.

Raul plans to stop cheating on his girlfriend, Luz, and finally propose to her for marriage, but suddenly gets uncomfortable when she pitches the idea of having an open relationship.

Meanwhile, Santi starts adapting to the modern concepts of dating when his daughter encourages him to go on dates set up by her. At the same time, he gets concerned about his daughter, who is also trying to explore her sexuality.

Lastly, Luis and his wife, Esther, struggle to get intimate and explore different ways to reignite the chemistry between them so that they can have fun in bed again.


The lead cast offers an effortless performance. The characters of Pedro, Luis, Santi, and Raul are not exactly sexist. They are actually pretty regular men who get overshadowed by the women in their lives.

Keeping that in mind, the lead cast hasn’t forced their way out to look or sound sexist at all. They have gone with the flow and transformed themselves step-by-step at every discovery made by their character.

Similarly, these men are surrounded by strong women, and the female cast doesn’t try too hard to establish their presence over the sexist characters. Everything comes out organically.


The show overall has an interesting premise for each and every character. They all have different crises in their lives. Their problems are distinct, fun, relatable, and intriguing all at the same time.

The comedy and the jokes are on point. None of the jokes are forced. In most cases, these jokes build on the most awkward situations surrounding the characters.

Overall, the show is no less than a slice-of-life drama. There is no rush for the conclusion. Everything moves at a decent pace, and even the viewers will agree that they want to slowly see the character’s life turn around.


The show, for the most part, likes to rely a lot on the problems going on in the lives of the characters. The message the show wants to give oftentimes doesn’t get portrayed properly as the viewers get lost in these problems.

The fact that the lead characters are not exactly sexist is also the reason the viewers might sometimes find it hard to identify the message put forth in front of them.


Alpha Males is certainly a wholesome drama that touches sensitive topics with care and fun at the same time. It’s certainly binge-watch material, full of hilarious and awkward situations that don’t overshadow the message of the series.

Alpha Males
Alpha Males review: Wholesome drama accompanied by effortless performances 1

Director: Alberto Caballero, Laura Caballero

Date Created: 2022-12-30 13:30

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