Alpha Males ending explained: Where do the best friends end up?

Alpha Males follows the story of four best friends as they struggle to accept a world where women are stepping up and taking charge. The series is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Three of the four best friends, Santi, Luis, and Pedro, identify themselves as sexists at a seminar about toxic masculinity. The fourth friend, Raul, feels hesitant and leaves immediately.

Six months prior to this seminar, Pedro’s boss fires him from his job at a television network and replaces him with a woman, something Pedro is not really happy about.

If that’s not enough, he has recently bought a lavish house, and that worries him as he wonders how he is going to get his life together. The moment Pedro’s wife, Daniela, learns about his firing, she starts planning how she is going to support their family.

In order to do so, she turns herself into a social media influencer. Pedro doesn’t approve of her new adventures and constantly criticizes her.

Meanwhile, Raul finally decides to settle down for real. He has been cheating on his girlfriend, Luz, for a while with his colleague’s wife, Carmen. He plans to propose to Luz and stop seeing Carmen once and for all.

Things go sideways when Luz surprisingly pitches the idea of them having an open relationship. Raul backs out of proposing and feels uncomfortable with the idea of her sleeping with other men. He eventually agrees to it if there are some ground rules.

Santi’s daughter, Alex, crashes at Santi’s apartment, claiming that she can’t stand her mother and Santi’s ex-wife, Blanca. Therefore, she is now moving in with him.

While she is there, she tries to get her father on Tinder and helps him find the best dates possible, hoping he will finally move on from Blanca. Santi goes on several dates and adapts the modern concept of dating.

At the same time, Santi is concerned about his daughter, who is also exploring her sexuality with different partners.

Lastly, Luis is having a really hard time getting intimate with his wife, Esther, who is finding every way possible to turn him on so that they can have a good time in bed together.

As time goes by, Pedro starts getting overshadowed by Daniela as she grows popular on social media. She eventually becomes a star, promoting several brands, and also becomes the person running their household.

While Luz gets all the action and dates several men, an insecure Raul can’t help but stalk her and observe who she is with. Whenever Raul tells her about dating someone, she feels the urge to sleep with him.

In order to please his girlfriend, he starts making up stories. Luz instantly catches his lies and claims that lying is the worst he can do. Raul eventually manages to convince her that he did hook up with someone.

From that point on, the couple levels up their adventures and tries to involve a third person during their intercourse, which doesn’t end well for both of them. That’s when Luz asks whether she can break a ground rule where she can sleep with a date for the second time.

Raul rejects this idea, believing that this is where things start getting serious.

Luis and Esther’s attempts to get intimate continue in various forms. Esther joins a gym, where she crosses paths with Guillermo. Esther can’t help but feel attracted to him.

Esther’s friends convince her that she and Luis are going to fall apart anyway, considering how hard it is for them to get intimate. Therefore, she can’t let someone like Guillermo go just like that.

Somewhere, Esther agrees, and she ends up sleeping with Guillermo. Esther keeps this from Luis and confesses that their relationship isn’t working anymore.

Luis finds out that Esther is having an affair with Guillermo when their daughter comes across Guillermo’s picture on their iPad.

Amidst all of this, the four best friends comfort each other and opt to participate in a course on the deconstruction of masculinity when Santi constantly starts mentioning how they are not sensitive. They just don’t share their feelings with each other.

They answer him back, stating that they would stop meeting each other if one of them goes soft. Despite that argument, they sit for this seminar, where Pedro starts arguing with the host.

Pedro defends toxic masculinity, and a few arguments help him win some support. He aims to turn this into a business and start his own seminar to become some kind of macho guru.

The world starts hating Pedro, but he uses this persona of his to make money. Pedro’s presence inflicts damage on Daniela’s popularity, and even she starts questioning Pedro’s views.

Raul, on the other hand, continues to suspect that Luz is breaking their ground rule by sleeping with someone they both know in the form of his best friend, Pedro. It turns out that she met him for business purposes only.

Luz gets sick of Raul’s insecurity and decides to end their open relationship and go back to how they were before.

Alpha Males ending explained in detail:

Do Luz and Raul end up together?

Carmen, with whom Raul was having an affair, lures Raul in again. They both get intimate. Carmen video calls her husband, Jero, and reveals to him that she has been sleeping with Raul, who tries to shut the video down.

Carmen claims that Jero dumped her, and that’s the reason she opted to do this. To make sure that Luz doesn’t find out about his affair, Raul tells her that he is selling his share of the restaurant to Jero because he wants a new start for himself.

Before they could meet Jero to talk about it, Raul confessed to Luz that he has slept with Carmen during their open relationship phase, but Jero breaks the news that Raul has been cheating on Luz for the past two years with Carmen.

Luz ends her relationship with Raul right away and later throws him out of the house.

Do Esther and Luis reconcile?

Now that Luis knows about her affair, Esther opts to move on and pursue her relationship with Guillermo openly. She starts realizing what a mess Guillermo is the moment she moves in with him.

Eventually, she starts learning the secrets he has been hiding. It turns out that he is also dating someone else who works at the same gym. Though he claims that she is his ex, Esther soon catches him hanging out with her.

Upon confronting him, he comes clean and says he is back with his ex-girlfriend. Esther regrets sacrificing her marriage life for someone like Guillermo.

Esther and Luis continue to stay cold with each other. Celebrating their son’s birthday at Pedro’s lavish home brings them together.

When Luis reminds her of their previous attempt to get laid here, they unexpectedly get intimate. The couple then decides to experiment with an open relationship.

What happens with Pedro and Santi?

Pedro stays adamant about his views and his plans to promote his own seminar called ‘The Training Course on the Reconstruction of Virility’.

Daniela stays by Pedro’s side, defending him and trying to convince him why he is wrong. Pedro continues to argue and doesn’t pay heed to what she has to say. Daniela comes to the conclusion that she can’t stay with someone like Pedro anymore.

She breaks up with Pedro live on television while he is in the middle of an interview.

Santi, on the other hand, after meeting several women handpicked by his daughter, goes back to his wife, Blanca. Santi’s decision ends up disappointing his daughter, Alex.

At night, Raul arrives at Pedro’s with his baggage. All four of them eventually complete the course on the deconstruction of masculinity.

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