What We Do in the Shadows season 4 episode 10 recap & review: Sunrise, Sunset

In the season finale of What We Do in the Shadows season 4, Laszlo and Guillermo struggle to deal with Baby Colin’s behavioural changes and Nadja makes one last attempt to save her nightclub from failing. The episode is streaming on Hulu.


With Baby Colin now in the body of a full-grown man but with the mind of an angsty teenager, Laszlo and Guillermo do their best to raise him responsibly but to no avail. Baby Colin loves listening to metal music, keeping to himself, and acting out in rebellion.

Nadja and The Guide discuss the failing fortunes of the club and the different ways they tried to replace Baby Colin’s performances. They tried vampire rap battles and a human improv comedy group but none of them helped.

Even Laszlo performing some of his latest songs on stage did not have the desired effect.

Laszlo and Guillermo discuss how to combat this situation with Baby Colin and Nandor interjects with advice. He says that they don’t know how to communicate with the youths of today and offers to do it himself.

He goes down to the basement where Baby Colin is doing the one thing he loves most, knocking holes into the wall of his old room. Nandor talks with him and believes he made an impact but Baby Colin was just patronizing.

The Guide introduces Nadja to P.T. Barnum who could help with freshening up the club. When Nadja asks The Guide how he’s still alive, The Guide says that she’s learnt the ancient technique to raise the dead of any soul she possesses just for a day.

Nadja gets an idea that could help the club. She suggests bringing back the dead people as attractions each night but rather than do research, she decides to wing it.

She hosts history nights where historical figures show up and talk about different issues. This idea doesn’t improve the club’s fortunes and even an attempt to make it a podcast is a bust.

When Baby Colin is caught stealing Sean’s car, Laszlo scolds him but Baby Colin reacts in frustration claiming that he’s angry because he doesn’t know who his parents are or why he went through an abnormal growth spurt or why he bangs holes in the basement wall.

After storming off, Laszlo and Guillermo realize that Baby Colin was draining them as they got angry and that he’s still an energy vampire. Laszlo tells Baby Colin the truth but he gets angry at this revelation and goes back to the basement.

Guillermo starts to get disillusioned with the state of things in the house and how nothing really changes and he talks to Nandor about it. Nandor is content in his loneliness now that Marwa is gone and plans to read books for the next 15-20 years or so.

After so much banging, Baby Colin finds a container with a slide and floor plan. He brings the slide projector and aligns the projection with his room to find specific spots marked out. He hits those spots which trigger a door to open.

Baby Colin finds a room filled with journals and his old boring “Colin Robinson” clothes so he sits down to read the journals. As he continues reading, his hair begins to fall out and he finds a pair of glasses to help with his worsening eyesight.

Nadja has accepted that the club is dead so she tells The Guide to go home, sends the wraiths on vacation and then burns the club down. But the next day, The Guide takes her to the club and shows her that the blood sprinklers came on and saved everything except for her office.

Nadja is distraught when she sees that the money she had kept aside is now burnt to a crisp.

The vampires gather together trying to figure out what to do next when Colin Robinson walks in, complete in his original form. He immediately begins boring him with his discourse before they interrupt him to find out how much money they have.

Colin says that they have more than enough to fix the house and that he’s more than willing to take on the responsibility of getting it done. Laszlo asks Colin if he remembers anything from the time Laszlo raised him but Colin doesn’t remember a thing.

Guillermo accepts that he’s not going to get anywhere staying at the mansion so he decides to leave. He goes to meet his old friend Derek who is a vampire and gives him a bag filled with cash as payment so that Derek can turn him into a vampire.


  • The rendition of ‘Sunrise, Sunset’ by Laszlo at the beginning and the entire cast right at the end is a wonderful tune to hear. Matt Berry has a distinctive voice and style and that makes his performance truly brilliant.
  • The fact that there was a hidden significance to Colin Robinson banging holes in the walls of the basement is extremely subtle storytelling and it is executed really well.
  • Ending the season with Guillermo asking Derek to turn him into a vampire is a major decision. It’s an intriguing cliffhanger that is bound to have the audience craving more.
  • Nandor takes a backseat in this episode which means his arc is more or less rounded off in the previous episode on a slightly dull note. While he does go through some character growth, it doesn’t necessarily show in the final episode.
What We Do in the Shadows season 4 episode 10
What We Do in the Shadows season 4 episode 10 recap & review: Sunrise, Sunset 1

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