What We Do in the Shadows season 4 episode 9 recap & review: Freddie

In the penultimate episode of What We Do in the Shadows season 4, Nadja deals with a discontent star attraction while Guillermo comes clean about a secret he’s been keeping. The episode is now streaming on Hulu.


Nadja’s club is doing really well, so well in fact, that she regularly gets human celebrities as guests. She has even added them to the club menu, and whenever someone orders the ‘celebrity special’ the vampires get free reign to suck the celebrity dry.

Her night is disrupted when Lazslo insists that Baby Colin deserves a better contract now because he’s clearly the reason for her club’s success. When Nadja refuses to bow down to his frankly ridiculous demands, Lazslo decides to take his business elsewhere.

Guillermo reveals that he met someone named Freddie while he was in London with Nadja and that the two of them have been dating for a while now. Freddie is visiting Staten Island for the weekend and Guillermo plans to spend it with him.

Freddie arrives early and shows up at the doorstep to surprise Guillermo. While they’re saying hello, Nandor walks by and Guillermo introduces Freddie as his boyfriend while explaining that Nandor is someone that Guillermo takes care of during his downtime.

Nandor is smitten by Freddie and cannot stop thinking about him. Things between him and Marwa have grown stale but he does not want to cheat on Marwa, nor does he want to steal Freddie from Guillermo.

Instead, he asks the djinn to transform Marwa into an exact copy of Freddie so that he can have one for himself.

With no novelty child act, Nadja’s club is suffering and she’s spiralling herself. The Guide sets up auditions for a new act but Nadja is too drunk on alcohol blood to pick out a suitable act. Laszlo is taking Baby Colin on the road so that they can make a name on tour.

Guillermo goes around New York exploring things that Freddie wants to see and Nandor ends up doing the same things with his Freddie.

Nadja decides to go for an adult act for her club and contacts Le Cirque Erotique, an erotic circus troupe that performs electrifying carnal acts on stage. Laszlo arrives at Binghamton where Colin is supposed to perform but Baby Colin has undergone puberty and is now going through his teenage angst phase but in a fully adult body.

Laszlo still tries to pass him off as a child on stage but Colin gets booed off. Guillermo returns home for a bit and runs into Nandor’s Freddie. His own Freddie walks in and the two Freddies freak out upon seeing each other.

Nandor hypnotizes the Freddies to be cool about the situation but Guillermo is far from happy with what his master did. He leaves with his Freddie because he’s had enough.

Only one member of the circus shows up, the man who can suck himself and Nadja is nervous about this development. His performance interests the audience but it only lasts for 20 seconds. Nadja announces that they will turn on the blood sprinklers to appease the customers but even that fails.

Guillermo says goodbye to his Freddie at the end of the weekend and is forced to go back to his life in the mansion with Nandor and the Freddie clone. Nandor feels bad for Guillermo and offers up the Freddie clone but Guillermo refuses.

Nandor realises his mistake and he lets the Freddie clone go to live out his dreams, simultaneously saying goodbye to Marwa after their marriage had petered out.

Nadja accepts that her club is on its last legs now that Baby Colin is not performing but Laszlo returns with an idea to save the club but his suggestion is the aforementioned circus performer. He introduces the grown-up Colin to Nadja who is surprised to see him.

Guillermo heads to London to surprise Freddie but he catches a glimpse of him with his clone which makes Guillermo very disappointed.


  • With this season of What We Do in the Shadows coming to a close, it is good to see some of the side plots getting a little more attention or being resolved, even if it isn’t the best result.
  • Marwa and Nandor’s story ends on a damper, and not emotionally but based on quality. Colin has grown to full adult size but his brain is still in the teenage phase which might make for some fun moments.
  • The vampire band puns rattled out by Laszlo are an amusing sequence in this episode.
  • Watching Nadja heckle a bunch of children is also a ridiculous scene to watch. Watching a drunk person go off on some kids can be uncomfortable but here it is executed tastefully.
What We Do in the Shadows season 4 episode 9
What We Do in the Shadows season 4 episode 9 recap & review: Freddie 1

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