Upload season 3 episodes 3 and 4 recaps & review

In episodes 3 and 4 of Upload, Nora worries about Nathan’s life as his nosebleeds continue, and Ingrid enjoys her life with the backup Nathan. The episodes are streaming on Prime Video.

Episode 3 recap: Cyber Discount Day

Nathan and Nora arrive at the Charlie Munger Reduced Circumstance Housing where Viv stays with several other people in close quarters. She is dating Mauricio and they share their bed, but with Nathan and Nora here now, she asks Mauricio if he can stay with his parents.

It is Cyber Discount Day and everyone at Lakeview is gearing up for the holiday. Aleesha is giving her family a tour of the place when Luke introduces himself. He asks her if they’re having dinner together but she says that she’s actually cooking for her family.

Lucy shows up and tells Aleesha that she cannot take the day off because Lucy herself is taking the day off to save her marriage. Ingrid continues to deal with his financial issues but Nathan is excited about all the things he can try out this holiday.

The A.I. guy hears about the day off and asks Luke about it. Luke explains what a day off is all about using the bible as a reference.

Nora orders a laptop and when it arrives, she logs into the Lakeview server to check things out. She notices the A.I. guy is frozen and fixes the issue. She then notices Ingrid talking to Tinsley and decides to check out Nathan’s suite.

Ingrid tells Tinsley that she needs two free buffet tickets because she cannot afford them. Nora sees back up Nathan having a shower and observes him for a bit before logging off. She also looks up the issues with human downloads and gets the address of the doctor who was responsible for the first one.

Nathan has a tough time looking for a job so that he can get something for the family and is reduced to scavenging the trash when Nora calls. They have a short conversation before Nathan hangs up on her.

Aleesha is doing her best to give her family the perfect dinner but they keep complaining about something or the other. Luke calls her and says that there is an issue with A.I. that she has to deal with.

She logs in and sees them all lying on the floor so she asks them what the deal is. They say that they also want a day off like actual humans but Aleesha says that they were created with the idea that they wouldn’t be taking any time off.

After seeing how sad they look, she promises to throw them a family dinner if they work hard for the rest of the day. Nathan walks past a hug-suit rental place and notices a help-wanted sign.

He walks in and finds Ingrid working there. Ingrid tells him that she’s enjoying her life as part of the workforce and she’s even dating someone better than him but doesn’t disclose that it is actually a copy of him.

She says that there is no opening there, but that there is work at the meat factory and they are allowed to take back home the misprints.

Aleesha and Luke set up the table for their dinner with the A.I. guys while her real family begins dinner without her and continues to complain about the smallest things. She feels unappreciated and goes back to Lakeview where she actually feels wanted.

Nathan returns home with a weird knockoff ham-turkey hybrid and sits down for dinner. He tells Nora and his mother about Ingrid working and Nora talks about how there is a copy of him in Lakeview and Ingrid is still dating him.

Ingrid tells back up Nathan that she’s been cut off and is working a regular retail job. He says that he’s happy with her no matter what she does and enjoys her company. On the mention of family, he wonders why his mother hasn’t been in touch so he calls her.

She picks up and talks to him while the real Nathan hides. They share a laugh about the two Nathan’s and Nora tells Nathan that he loves her, but blood suddenly begins streaming down his nostrils.

Episode 4 recap: Download Doctor

Everyone panics about Nathan’s condition and Viv suggests going to a doctor, Nora suggests going to Dr. Kumar who worked on downloads. They have to travel to San Francisco and Mauricio says that he knows someone who can get them there.

They travel in a crate transporting a couch and Nathan asks Nora not to tell the doctor that he’s a download to keep them safe. Aleesha and Lucy are traveling to San Francisco for a company conference, and she gets an alert that Nora is in the area.

When she calls Nora, they have an awkward exchange and Nora lies that she’s back home. Luke is getting a massage while reading a newspaper and suddenly sees an article that the upload funding for veterans is being withdrawn.

The A.I. guy immediately leaves and Luke worries about how he’s going to afford living in Lakeview. Back up Nathan and Ingrid get on the elevator after which the A.I. guy says that he’s on break and leaves.

Nathan says that he wants to try out a hack that will take them to the original first floor of the Lakeview beta version. He tries it out and the elevator zooms dark and decrepit lobby with a weird-looking A.I. guy.

Tinsley gets a notification that Nathan is missing once again, and she decides to re-upload his back-up. Luke talks to Yang through the window down to the 2-gig rooms and she tells him of a way to earn while he’s dead.

Nathan and Nora come up with a ruse to get invited into Dr. Kumar’s house so that he can check on Nathan. Aleesha and Lucy arrive at the conference for rich people who enjoy capitalism and exploitation and Aleesha is asked to give a suggestion in front of everyone.

She says that they need to change things up a little and widen their target demo in Lakeview, and she catches the eye of Karina, another Horizon executive.

Dr. Kumar checks Nathan out and says that everything is fine, but Nora reveals that he is a download and is experiencing nosebleeds. Dr. Kumar gives him some pills to manage his symptoms and suggests that he re-uploads soon.

He also insists that they never visit him again or he’ll alert the authorities. Ingrid and Nathan walk around the beta rooms and have some fun until they run into the one customer who stuck around. He has no eyelids or hair on his head which terrifies them.

Ingrid forgets that she’s in a hug-suit and tries to run away, causing her to get yanked back and go unconscious. The man leads Nathan to the bar for a drink.

Luke follows Yan’s directions and finds a warehouse in the gray area where dozens of uploads are working call center jobs. Luke manages to complete five sales and earn himself five Bitcoins. On his way out, he notices a wanted poster for A.I. bots, featuring A.I. guy from Lakeview.

David Choak is worried about Nathan but the others think he’s crazy and delusional. Nora wants to stay the night in San Francisco and Nathan says he might know a place where they can crash.

Karina finds Aleesha during the after-party and the two of them chat for a bit before Karina invites her to somewhere more private. Nathan takes them to his old college friend’s place and is certain they won’t be there. Their name is Holden and Nathan’s ID is saved on their front door.

While they’re inside, Holden arrives, and Nora sees that it is a woman. The two women watch on as Nathan fumbles through his explanation that Holden isn’t just a friend from college but an ex-girlfriend.

They sit down together for dinner and they tell Holden about the Freeyond conspiracy and their role in it since Holden is a lawyer and could do something about it.

David Choak tries to log in to the board meeting but his credentials are revoked. He summons Isaac to order him an exo-suit so that he can attend the meeting. When Isaac replies with sarcasm, David reveals one of Isaac’s dirtiest proclivities and says that he owns the company where Isaac gets his rocks off.

Back up Nathan is at the bar with the strange customer who gets him to talk and then puts a hand on his back. He uses a bug to drain back up Nathan’s life force so that he cannot leave, but Ingrid returns and knocks the customer out.

They get out of there and arrive back just before Tinsley has completed the re-upload, which she cancels immediately. Aleesha ends up sleeping with Karina, but when she tries to sneak out, Karina convinces her to stay a little longer.

Isaac is hyperventilating in his room as he clutches David Choak’s hard drive to his chest, meaning that he did something incredibly reckless and dangerous.


  • The incredibly clever writing and style of humor are dialed back up in these episodes as they parody capitalism and technology to a ridiculous degree. The fact that there’s a website literally called “doxxeddaily” is terrifying and hilarious at the same time.
  • Allegra Edwards is doing a wonderful job as Ingrid in this new phase of life. She cannot even say the words “poor” or “retail” without activating her gag reflex and that is so amusing.
  • The special effects are also deserving of praise because of the simple things that they achieve. The weird glitches in the beta version, the futuristic food, and many of the other features of the future look very realistic.
Upload season 3 episodes 3 and 4
Upload season 3 episodes 3 and 4 recaps & review 1

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