Upload season 3 episodes 7 and 8 recaps & review

In the final two episodes of Upload season 3, Nathan and Nora uncover more details about the Horizon conspiracy and finally aim to stop it. The episodes are streaming on Prime Video.

Episode 7 recap: Upload Day

Nathan is building an online space just for himself as they get ready to upload him back since it has been a month after he was downloaded and they don’t want to risk his death.

The next morning, Nathan convinces Nora to hold off on his upload for one more day. Ingrid asks backup Nathan if anything happened between him and Nora while they were at the memory parlor.

He insists that nothing happened but when she says that she almost kissed the original Nathan, he admits that he almost kissed Nora. Ingrid gets angry at this revelation and storms off while insisting that she’s fine.

She summons Tinsley and asks if she still has the avatar of Nora from their dinner party. Aleesha is telling Luke all about Karina’s bad qualities and how she just isn’t sure about her.

Luke suggests giving him a chance to meet Karina so that he can judge what she is like. Nathan meets Ivan and thanks him for sending over Choak’s hard drive. The A.I. gardener overhears their conversation and Ivan convinces him that it is a secret that must not be shared.

Nora plans a day of activities for Nathan but Holden calls her into the office regarding the case against Horizon. Ingrid logs in with Nora’s avatar and tries to entice Nathan.

Nathan doesn’t fall for it and eventually realizes that it is Ingrid. She is called away by some engineers who think it’s Nora, and Ingrid has to play along.

Nora finds out that Holden’s firm has got a special witness who will be arriving later with a security detail, she is pulled in for longer and Nathan has to sit outside and wait.

Karina and Aleesha do a wellness check on David Choak, but when he doesn’t answer his door they walk away. Luke walks up to them and introduces himself to Karina, suggesting that they meet for drinks later on.

Nora tells Nathan that she’s been offered a job by Holden’s firm, and they might even send her to Law School after a year. Nathan is very excited for her and when Holden calls her back to the office, he says that they should go.

Luke meets Karina and Aleesha in the executive lounge where he reveals the various bugs he exploits in Lakeview. She sends out those bugs to the engineers who are going around with Ingrid to fix them.

Since Ingrid doesn’t know anything, she isn’t much help. However, when the engineers make sexist remarks against her, she fires back at them and puts them in their place.

The A.I. gardener shares Ivan’s secret with all his other versions, and it gets all the way to Aleesha. She asks him what the secret is but he manages to come up with a different lie and cover it up.

Luke tells Aleesha is amazing, but realizes her true nature when he goes back to his room and realizes that he has been blocked out of his premium account.

Nora is finally done at the office and she gets ready to leave with Nathan but the entertainment she set up arrives there instead. The secret witness arrives, who turns out to be Dr. Kapoor.

One of Holden’s colleagues tells them that the doctor accepted bribes to sabotage the original download attempt. Nathan and Nora conclude that since he gave them junk pills and sabotaged the original download, that means that he’s fine and nothing will happen to him.

As they’re celebrating this realization, a robot approaches Dr. Kapoor and explodes, killing him.

Episode 8 recap: Flesh and Blood

The trial has begun between the families of victims in the Freeyond scandal and Horizon, and Karina and Aleesha watch it on television from Karina’s apartment.

Nathan tells Nora that he’s hopeful of owning his mind and body again so that he can earn money and take Nora to Montreal. Nora thinks he just wants a fancy holiday, but Nathan wants to propose and he asks Luke to be his best man.

Aleesha shows up convinced that Karina is definitely evil and wants to do something about it. They gather Tinsley and the A.I. guy to formulate a plan to distract her.

Holden tells Nathan that they’re going to need Ingrid to testify for a key part of the case. She tells them to head back to L.A. and convince Ingrid to do it, and they will bear all the expenses.

Nathan and Nora invite Ingrid out to a fancy restaurant and back up Nathan asks them not to keep her for very long because he wants to propose to her.

Ingrid isn’t sure about the whole thing but some tough words from Nora convince her. She goes back to Lakeview where back up Nathan proposes but she says no because it isn’t according to her mood board.

Aleesha pretends to be sick and has Karina stay home with her so that she can find out a password. Tinsley and A.I. concierge cause a commotion that forces Karina to log in, and Aleesha sends the password to Luke.

Ingrid is with Holden and Nora for witness prep and Nora and Ingrid have a true heart to heart with each other where they both get very emotional.

Ingrid takes the stand and answers all of Holden’s questions, but when she is cross examined, she gets carried away and talks about the fact that there are two Nathan Browns.

Aleesha logs into Lakeview to spend her sick day, but in the real world she is sneaking into Karina’s office to get dirt from her account. Luke sticks around to be a distraction, and Aleesha manages to get everything on a ring drive.

She forwards it all to Nora who hands it over to Holden. Ingrid goes back to Lakeview and tells back up Nathan that she will marry him. She starts inviting all the A.I. guys as guests because they are her friends.

Holden gets ready to present their new evidence when the Horizon team asks for a recess. They settle with Holden’s side for roughly a million dollars per victim.

Holden considers this a win but Nora and the others are disappointed that Horizon and the upload companies won’t be held accountable or face real punishment for their actions.

Aleesha finds out that all the evidence she sent over is going to be sealed and that is when Karina calls her in to her office. Nathan and Nora are leaving the mall when two Horizon guards approach them.

They take Nathan away in cuffs while Nora watches on in a panic. Horizon puts out an ad that they are rebranding as Betta, and it talks about all the changes they will be enacting.

A strike team goes into Lakeview to catch back up Nathan and Mansour logs in to make sure he is caught. Ingrid is now staying with Nora and Viv in the housing facility where they receive a call from Nathan.

He tells them that he is safe but he saw them destroy the other Nathan. Nora asks him which Nathan he is before it cuts off.


  • Ingrid’s redemption arc doesn’t have the best third act and it does feel like it was pushed a little too far. It is still an immense growth to see her living in the housing facility and she is an entertaining character, but the journey was choppy.
  • The fake rebrand played simultaneously to the strike team attack is incredibly clever. The tongue-in-cheek references to real-world companies and how the outside may change but the core values do not is very insightful.
  • Having two episodes released each week instead of all at once like the previous seasons is an interesting choice. The episodes don’t have too many pacing issues and are generally engaging and the weekly schedule doesn’t hinder that too much.
Upload season 3 episodes 7 and 8
Upload season 3 episodes 7 and 8 recaps & review 1

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