Upload season 3 episodes 5 and 6 recaps & review

In episodes 5 and 6 of Upload, Nathan finally meets his backup, Ingrid goes through an identity crisis, and Aleesha’s new beau turns out to be more than she portrays to be. The episodes are streaming on Prime Video.

Episode 5 recap: Rescue Mission

Luke is headed to the gray zone when he runs into A.I. guy and gets an idea. He sneaks him out and takes him to the warehouse. Aleesha calls him on the way and raves about Karina and how she has been killing it at work.

Nathan panics because Holden’s dog eats some of the pills that Nathan is supposed to take. She takes the dog to the vet while Nora suggests going back to the doctor to get some more.

Luke calls Nathan and tells him that he’s been captured by a gangster in the gray zone. He tried to turn in A.I. guy for a bounty but had a change of heart at the last minute and ended up as a prisoner.

While they are on the call, backup Nathan calls Luke and the two Nathans face each other for the first time. The original promises Luke that they will save him, and tells the backup to meet him just beyond Lakeview where he’ll explain everything.

Backup Nathan tries to ask Ingrid about the copy situation but she avoids the subject and logs off. Nathan tells Nora that he’ll use her headset but she says it might delete the backup.

He then goes to the library to log in on his own while she leads the backup to the gray zone. Aleesha is called into a meeting with Karina and Lucy for their latest project. They have a clone of the actor that A.I. guy was based on, and they plan to download the A.I. into his brain.

They plan to have Aleesha guide him through the streets of New York so that he gets some real-world experience, but the task is not so easy. The first clone gets run over after crossing the road when the light is red but they’d have multiple clones to try again.

Nora explains that she is dating the other Nathan in the real world, which is why she hasn’t been in touch with the backup Nathan in Lakeview.

Ingrid watches her Nathan follow Nora and she lets her insecurity get the best of her. She contacts one of her old friends to talk and gets invited to a workout class.

Moments before the two Nathans meet, Nora tells the backup that he’s the copy and the other one is the original. The two Nathans immediately hit it off and Nora decides to go get his medicines from the doctor.

She runs into Holden outside, who says that the pills they were given were simple gas pills. The Nathans discuss their relationships as the original tells the backup how it feels to finally be with Nora.

Ingrid finally meets her friend, but she isn’t able to talk about her feelings like she wants to and is actually advised not to. The Nathans come across an entire city in the gray zone and decide to get matching outfits for Luke’s jailbreak.

After some minor obstacles, the A.I. guy makes good progress with Aleesha’s instructions. He then comes across a homeless man living on the street with an aesthetic filter around where he stays.

The A.I. voluntarily gives the man his hat, showcasing empathy for the first time. However, the hat was the only way to track him as he walks off into the world.

The Nathans arrive at the warehouse and pretend to be Disney A.I. The gangster questions them with Luke standing by and sees through their lies. Nathan offers the backup in exchange for Luke, claiming that he’s a coder who will not be missed.

Nora goes to Dr. Kumar’s house but someone else is staying there and they pretend as if the doctor never stayed there. Some strange men are inside the house and they follow Nora while she’s walking away.

Nathan and Luke are walking back to Lakeview when the other Nathan joins them. They did the switcheroo with the gangster and once the original was imprisoned, he just removed his goggles.

The men chase Nora into an alleyway and knock her out. She wakes up in Lakeview, with Aleesha letting her know that she has passed.

Episode 6 recap: Memory Crackers

The Nathans farewell to each other as they reach the edge of Lakeview with Luke. Right then, the original gets a call from his mother telling him that there’s a package for him.

They tell her not to open it, but when she says that there is orange dust on it, they realize it is from Ivan and confirm that it is safe to open. Inside is not revealing that he has sent Nathan David Choak’s hard drive so that he can get the evidence he needs from it.

Nathan tries to contact Nora but doesn’t get through to her. Aleesha talks to Nora and tries to figure out what she was doing in San Francisco before she ended up there.

Karina asks Aleesha through an earpiece to push for more information but Aleesha is uncomfortable with the situation. It is revealed that Nora is actually in a set inside a warehouse with Karina and Aleesha trying to find out what she was doing at Dr. Kumar’s house.

She is being subjected to drugs that keep her loopy and receptive to the questions. Before she can reveal anything too consequential, Aleesha signals Nora to feign ignorance, and when Karina walks in to push further, Nora acts like she doesn’t know anything.

Karina contacts her boss and tells him that Nora was at the doctor’s house by coincidence so they wipe her memory and drop her off at a park bench.

Nathan heads back home to check out Choak’s hard drive and tells Nora to meet the backup at the memory parlor in Lakeview. The original goes to Mauricio’s office to connect the drive and scroll through his memories while Nora and the backup search in the parlor.

Nora and the backup spend time chatting with each other and getting closer, and this makes the original Nathan a little insecure. Ingrid goes to the A.I. bartender with her own problems and asks him to give some honest advice with no sugarcoating.

He gives it to her straight, pointing out her dependency on Nathan because she doesn’t have any confidence in herself, and Ingrid decides to have a conversation with Nathan once and for all.

Back up Nathan hits on Nora, and they question whether they should go through with it because of how complicated the situation is. Both Nathan’s try to get Luke’s opinion on the situation as well but he is stuck in the middle.

The original finally finds a memory that confirms that Horizon and the other CEOs were launching Freeyond centers to influence the election. Nora sees Karina in the memory and tells Nathan that she gets a bad vibe from her even though she doesn’t remember her exactly.

Aleesha gets a bouquet of flowers and a written note from Karina in her office, but she still has her doubts. She visits Luke to get his opinion on the matter.

Ingrid shows up at Mauricio’s office to talk to Nathan, and she’s completely drunk. Luke says that he’s got a stomach ache because he’s upset, even though Aleesha says that it is impossible for that to happen in Lakeview.

He tells her all about his mother and how she raised him. Ingrid talks to Nathan about her feelings for him and her worries that no one will ever fall for her. He tells her that she’s great and that anyone else would be lucky to have her.

Nora and backup Nathan almost end up kissing but stop themselves because it wouldn’t be fair since he’s not her Nathan. Nora finds a memory of David Choak with Ingrid’s father and while she’s talking to Nathan, Ingrid reveals that she’s there too.

The memory plays and in it, Ingrid’s father says that he would have been happier if Ingrid was in the car with Nathan when it crashed.


  • Allegra Edwards once again shines brightest in her slow descent into madness. Ingrid is such a humorous character and Edwards deserves praise for her efforts.
  • It is impressive that Robbie Amell is able to have such good chemistry with himself. The acting in the series in general is on a high level this time around.
  • The Disney gag is a brilliant dig at the litigious nature of the corporation, which apparently sticks with them in the future. These kinds of jokes are a constant in this series and it is all the better for it.
  • The b-plot of A.I. guy walking around the streets trying to gain some experience is momentarily fun but feels very much like filler. It will be intriguing to see how it is weaved back in.
Upload season 3 episodes 5 and 6
Upload season 3 episodes 5 and 6 recaps & review 1

Director: David Rogers, Alberto Belli

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