Under the Queen’s Umbrella season 1 episode 5 recap & review

In episode 5 of Under the Queen’s Umbrella, the ministers of the Court speak their minds to the king while the Queen digs deeper into why the Crown Prince’s condition suddenly worsens. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


As the Crown Prince is being tended to, the King is enraged to find out that his condition was kept a secret from him by the Queen. He orders her to be confined to her quarters and not be allowed to see her son.

The grand princes try to see their brother, but the king has also restricted the people who can visit the crown prince. The other consorts discuss the condition of the heir and what it means for the succession.

The queen is ordered to transcribe Confucius’s texts as punishment and she finishes them overnight but it still doesn’t help her see her son. She tells the king’s eunuch not to let anyone treat the crown prince alone because she is suspicious.

The state councillor meets with his daughter, consort Hwang to discuss the matter of deposing the crown prince. prince Seongnam sneaks into his mother’s quarters to talk to her.

He then visits the royal physician who was imprisoned for treating the crown prince in secret. The physician tells Seongnam that the prescription he brought from Master Tae might be a possible reason for the crown prince’s condition but he can’t be sure.

After he leaves, an enforcer arrives and blindfolds the physician. He questions him under the orders of the Queen Dowager. Seongnam visits Master Tae to find out whether he tampered with the prescription or medicine in any way.

The queen uses her network of followers on the palace grounds to deliver messages back and forth and remain informed about the crown prince.

The state councillor begins gathering support to approach the king and suggest that the crown prince be deposed. He offers the minister of war the next crown prince’s hand in marriage in exchange for his backing.

The minister of war’s daughter is actually interested in Seongnam, even though she doesn’t know who he is. The king visits prince Bogeom and his mother to get away from all the pressure. He asks the prince his opinion on the position that he is in.

The queen sneaks out in regular clothing to meet with the deposed queen Yoon. She confirms that her son’s symptoms are different than that of the former crown prince Taein who was murdered.

All the ministers gather outside the king’s chambers to display a united front and call for the crown prince to be deposed. The Queen Dowager tells the king that he needs the council’s support and must heed their request.

Before he can answer them, the queen arrives and reprimands the ministers for their haste and acting and lack of respect for the crown prince. The king backs her up and tells them that he will not choose an heir.

Then an aide arrives and tells the queen that the crown prince asked for her before breathing his final breath. Everyone mourns his death within the palace, each in their own way.


  • The crown prince has passed which means the story should really pick up going forward with all the consorts and the queen making sure the princes are ready for the task up ahead.
  • The wonder and beauty of the palace grounds are shown off in this episode and it looks amazing. The architecture and the planning behind these structures are stunning.
  • There are many minor plots going forward like the girl who is trying to woo Seongnam. That will be a plot to keep an eye on.
Under the Queen's Umbrella season 1 episode 5
Under the Queen's Umbrella season 1 episode 5 recap & review 1

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