Under the Queen’s Umbrella season 1 episode 4 recap & review

Episode 4 of Under the Queen’s Umbrella sees the conclusion of the cohort exam while the grand princes sneak out of the palace for different reasons. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


Prince Seongnam had seen his mother come from the direction of the burning chamber so he wants to ask her if she was behind it but instead he comes across his sick brother.

The Queen decides to tell him the truth and says that she hid it for the crown prince’s safety. She uses the same reason for lighting that fire and Prince Seongnam accepts her words.

He goes to Gyeseong’s room to share a drink with him and Gyeseong asks permission from Seongnam for withdrawing from the cohort exam. He says that it was their mother’s idea but he still wants his brother’s approval.

The chief royal physician has returned and Court Lady Shin asks if he should be called in to treat the crown prince but the Queen says that there is something suspicious about the fact that he was promoted while everyone else involved has disappeared.

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The king puts forth his conditions for the selection of the cohort but the corrupt evaluators disagree with him. The Chief State Councillor visits Queen Dowager to win her favour and it is revealed that 20 years ago, he helped her depose the former queen.

Prince Bogeom’s mother brings in one of the instructors to help her son before the test but Bogeom says that he does not want to cheat to win.

The second exam is a debate and the king chooses the issue of the plague in the Seochan village. Prince Uiseong suggests eradicating the sick while Bogeom and Seongnam show more compassion and humanity by suggesting they study the plague to be better prepared.

Prince Muan, Prince Simso and Prince ilyeong sneak out of the palace to check out the town market. Once his exam is over, Seongnam also sneaks out.

He had tasked two commoners to find anyone who has treated hyeolheogwol and they direct him towards a Master Toji who is treating people in the plague-filled Seochan village.

Seongnam sneaks into the village and meets Master Toji who gives him a prescription on how to treat the disease. The other grand princes sneak back in but find the queen waiting for them.

The queen punishes them but when she sends Simso back to his mother, the prince says that he decided to go with them and he truly enjoyed his time, so she agrees to keep their outing a secret.

Prince Seongnam takes the herbs and prescription to the crown prince but the physician refuses to perform the treatment as it has come from someone unknown. The queen agrees but asks the physician to stop the acupuncture sessions as that is another suggestion Master Toji made.

The Queen Dowager warns the queen that if the crown prince doesn’t recover by the time his wife delivers their child, she will be forced to take action. The queen asks the physician to follow Master Toji’s prescription and says that she will take the fall if something happens.

The day arrives for the crown princess’s delivery and everyone gossips about the absence of the crown prince but he shows up looking healthier. The queen is happy that her oldest son has recovered and hosts them all for dinner.

Sometime later, while the crown prince and prince Bogeom are going through their lessons with the king and queen present, the crown prince suddenly begins coughing up blood and collapses in his mother’s arms.


  • It is very impressive to see how advanced the Joseon civilisation was given the times. The fact that they had a precursor of a fire department shown in the previous episode and their discussions over the plague feel especially relatable given the current world climate.
  • There are many more lighthearted moments in this episode and the family bonds are showcased. The love between brothers, and a mother’s love for their child, all warm the heart immensely.
  • Prince Seongnam is turning out to be a frontrunner for most popular among the princes as he comes across as resourceful, empathetic, street smart and noble.
Under the Queen's Umbrella season 1 episode 4
Under the Queen's Umbrella season 1 episode 4 recap & review 1

Director: Kim Hyung-sik

Date Created: 2022-10-23 19:30

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