Trolley season 1 episode 9 recap & review: Sincerity

Trolley season 1 episode 9 sees Hye-Joo discovering Ji-Hoon’s phone and the shocking contents within it, while Soo-Bin leaves Hye-Joo’s home and meets her mother.


Hye-Joo is gasping for breath after discovering Ji-Hoon’s phone in Joong-Do’s drawer. She rushes off to meet Soo-Bin, only to find she’s not in her room.

Yeo-Jin helps Hye-Joo collect herself while the latter reveals to her what she has found. Yeo-Jin tries reaching out to Joong-Do but he’s busy with his meeting.

He does respond when Hye-Joo calls in and gets worried as his wife heaves while trying to address the revelation about Ji-Hoon’s death, eventually dropping to the ground and getting hospitalized due to a panic attack.

Yeo-Jin confronts Joong-Do about his poor job of keeping the text messages and Ji-Hoon’s phone a secret from his wife.

Joong-Do later talks with Hye-Joo and tells her that he didn’t want to worry her with the discovery which is why he kept Ji-Hoon’s texts a secret from her.

Meanwhile, Seung-Hee meets Seung-Kyu’s parents and proposes that they team up as victims and go after Joong-Do and his family for what they did to their loved ones. During their meeting, the parents reveal that Gwi-Soon’s granddaughter was a sex worker.

However, they refuse to pursue any action because it will again reflect badly on their dead son. Kang Soong-Hong’s chief advisor, however, learns about the same as well and decides to work with this information to further make things worse for Joong-Do.

It’s also revealed that chief advisor Hyeong-Tae used to be a regular client of Gwi-Soon’s granddaughter and was also blackmailed by Soo-Bin’s friend once, and she helped in collecting the ransom.

Soo-Bin, meanwhile, visits a store and calls the store owner her mother, meaning she lied about being an orphan. However, it wasn’t completely a lie as it is revealed that she had been abandoned by her mother in her childhood.

Her mother now lives a happy life with another daughter who’s unaware of Soo-Bin. She’s so apathetic that she won’t even pay much heed to her daughter and her tribulations, or even how she must be coping with her life and pregnancy.

Soo-Bin storms off her store in anger and leaves her phone there, which receives a call from her friend who introduces himself as her boyfriend to her mother. Following this, her mother gives her phone away to said man and Soo-Bin learns about it later on.

Meanwhile, Hye-Joo reaches out to Soo-Bin’s old contact and sends her a message, which would now be seen by her suspicious friend who is revealed to be working with the chief advisor.

Before the online sentiments can sway significantly against the victim, Woo-Jae publishes the video of Seung-Kyu’s father beating Joong-Do at the hospital.

Gwi-Soon learns about the video and lashes out at the Assemblyman for visiting the parents of the man who killed her granddaughter. Joong-Do, Hye-Joo, and Woo-Jae all try to calm her down but she’s too upset for that right now.

Hye-Joo learns about the video from Yoon-Seo and hugs her husband, apologizing to him for being rude earlier while he’s been going through so much himself.

Soo-Bin calls her own number and the friend who blackmailed Hyeong-Tae with her picks up her phone, while the chief advisor sits beside him, before Trolley season 1 episode 9 rolls the credits.


  • A number of revelations are made, and Trolley keeps putting Joong-Do’s character in the most suspicious light, which becomes tiring after a point, what with all the nudges and hints all of which could just be red herrings.
  • Speaking of the trite, the perennially mopey atmosphere starts to almost feel suffocating.
  • Along with Joong-Do’s persistent suspiciousness, Woo-Jae continues to be relentless in his clever yet diabolically political maneuverings that might result in a real storm for the Assemblyman and his family at some point in Trolley.
Trolley season 1 episode 9
Trolley season 1 episode 9 recap & review: Sincerity 1

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Date Created: 2023-01-16 20:30

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