Trolley episode 4 recap & review: The Visit

‘Trolley’ episode 4 sees Hye-Joo coming face-to-face with her grim past while Soo-Bin gets a warning regarding her intentions with the family and her pregnancy.


Joong-Do spends some time with Hye-Joo at her work and later goes back home together.

Soo-Bin is earlier warned by Woo-Jae about her pregnancy, and should her claims be illegitimate, Jae suggests she might as well go and kill herself; otherwise, she should just lay low while staying at their home.

Joong-Do and company begin investigating Soong-Ho’s relatives and how he helped them with opportunistic real estate purchases. The investigations lead them to Youngsan but due to Yoo-Sin having the richest family and most power, people wouldn’t say anything about her.

However, they do end up finding out that Ki-Young is a likely estranged husband of Seung-Hee and might speak out against his in-laws.

However, Joong-Do shuts down that line of investigation, insisting they find another angle that doesn’t exploit the son-in-law or his marriage.

Meanwhile, Yoo-Sin throws a tantrum at the fact that Joong-Do’s secretary is snooping around the town because of the case. She asks Assemblyman Kang to do something about it but he reassures her that she needn’t worry.

She can’t do that, though, and while she scolds Ki-Young away to sort the mess out, Seung-Hee takes offence at her being so rude to her husband.

She later goes to Ki-Young who makes it clear that he’s only tolerating Yoo-Sin for the time being and wants to get out of the place because he’s not happy.

Ki-Yong and Joong-Do get a meet-up arranged and before they finally come face to face, the former learns that the latter is married to Hye-Joo, a former best friend of Seung-Hee during school days.

Earlier, Seung-Hee also finds out about this truth and arrives at Hye-Joo’s door, greeting a woman who’s incredibly shocked and disturbed to see her, with a menacing glare and a smile before calling her a murderer.


  • ‘Trolley’ episode 4 finally picks up some steam as threads from the past entangled with the present ones to crowd the narrative before exploring them in depth.
  • The plot thickens as Hye-Joo’s murky past catches up to her and with the sombre expressions on her face of late fading away, her family’s current situation gets direr.
  • The opposite dynamic that Hye-Joo-Joong-Do and Ki-Young-Seung-Hee currently have with each other’s partners, might pave the way for it to make a total reversal as ‘Trolley’ moves forward.
  • The beginning of a possible rift in Hye-Joo and Joong-Do’s relationship has already occurred, in the former’s doubts about his husband’s treatment of Soo-Bin (triggered by her sighting of Soo-Bib’s lip balm in her husband’s car).
Trolley episode 4
Trolley episode 4 recap & review: The Visit 1

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