Trolley episode 2 recap & review: The Accident

‘Trolley’ episode 2 sees the family deal with rapidly worsening developments as Nam Joong-Do tries to change public opinion about his family as well as his recent political controversies.


Soo-Bin arrives at the door and informs Hye-Joo about her relationship with her late son Ji-Hoon. She’s pregnant with his baby, and provides many documents to support her claims, although any concrete evidence is absent.

Hye-Joo wants to believe her because she sees herself in Soo-Bin, as the girl also doesn’t have any parents and has gotten pregnant at a similarly young age.

Soo-Bin wants to stay with the family as she doesn’t have anywhere to go. Yeo-Jin arrives and asks her questions and expresses doubts over the legitimacy of her claims.

Meanwhile, the controversy regarding Ji-Hoon’s drug-use coverup picks up pace in the media, in addition to the fact that Joong-Do misused his power during the search for his daughter.

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While plunging himself into work and alcohol, Joong-Do tries to divert his attention elsewhere. When he returns home, he’s briefed on all that has transpired by Hye-Joo.

He doesn’t believe Soo-Bin and questions her about her claims. Soo-Bin tries to blackmail everyone by implying she’d go to the media after having an abortion, exposing Joong-Do and his family for what happened to her.

Yoon-Seo returns from school and hearing Soo-Bin talk disrespectfully to her father rubs her off the wrong way. She breaks out in anger and lashes out at her, with Hye-Joo and Joong-Do shouting at her to go back to her room.

Soo-Bin is allowed to stay for a while and Hye-Joo lets her stay in Ji-Hoon’s room. Later, media people ensnare Joong-Do outside his home, questioning him about his son’s drug use and his abuse of power.

Hye-Joo comes outside and lashes out at the media. The old lady whose granddaughter’s funeral Hye-Joo visited earlier watches the news and later lashes out at the reporter for speaking ill of Nam Joong-Do and his wife, revealing how both of them visited her granddaughter’s funeral.

Joong-Do appears on a news channel and apologizes for all the controversies related to his family while explaining what all transpired. He also talks about the old lady and her granddaughter’s digital sex harassment case in which proper action wasn’t taken.

He promises to work on the digital sex harassment case and as a result of his new appearance, the public sentiment about him changes for the better.

‘Trolley’ episode 2 ends with Hye-Joo and Joong-Do embracing each other after the recent whirlwind of controversies and familial strife.

Elsewhere, the suspect guy behind the old lady’s granddaughter’s death is sent an arrest warrant; before his arrest, he commits suicide due to online harassment. His suicide note is concise, reading “Murderer: Nam Joong-Do.”


  • ‘Trolley’ episode 2 continues the sombre affairs surrounding the central family, only they keep getting worse.
  • However, the convenient (read: inconvenient) nature in which things develop so badly makes it seem like the show’s going to have a constant mopey narrative where things big down to nothing more than a melodrama.
  • The constant thread of the strong relationship that Hye-Joo and Joong-Do seem to share thus far provides much-needed optimistic refuge from a mostly grim storyline and the ending of ‘Trolley’ episode 2 hints at things remaining that way for quite some time.
Trolley episode 2
Trolley episode 2 recap & review: The Accident 1

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