Trolley episode 1 recap & review: Prelude

‘Trolley’ premiers with an episode rife with mystery and revelations as a mother tries to find her missing daughter, only to contend with a sudden tragedy that throws her family into a row of despair and dread.


Kim Hye-Joo is a hard-working mother of two who works at a Book Conservation studio. It’s evident from her brief conversation with a customer that she’s not exactly on good terms with one of her children.

Hye-Joo is also a social worker and keeps her husband’s name out of the conversation in the friend circle.

She also doesn’t use her husband’s name to get any favours or work done swiftly and conveniently, since she’s married to the District Assemblyman who’s also a very principled man.

Hye-Joo doesn’t make any appearances alongside her husband in the campaigns, nor endorse him publically, ever.

Even though it was her wealth that got him elected first, it’s revealed that she has this very condition of not participating in his career, which is why she doesn’t talk about him or his work much.

The couple values their integrity and are humble in a way that’s rare, with their two kids who are not exactly that humble. While the daughter is the younger of the two, named Yoon-Seo.

She’s a grade-A student who’s also the Class President, with Hye-Joo loving her to bits.

The elder sibling, Ji-Hoon, is a 22-year-old delinquent who drinks often and gets in trouble. After releasing him from detainment a while back, Hey-Joo had left him in an apartment of his own.

Before leaving, the two had a spat and Hye-Joo angrily told him she’d rather he disappear than continue to trouble her. She had no contact with him ever since that spat, and neither had Joong-do met with his son in a while.

Meanwhile, in the present day, Hye-Joo has a little argument with Yoon-Seo too, and the next morning the former enters her daughter’s room only to find her missing.

Chaos erupts as Hye-Joo tries to find Yoon-Seo, eventually approaching the police with Joong-Do. Initially slow and inefficient, the police’s search picks up a significant pace when they learn that Joong-Do is the District Assemblyman.

The search finally concludes with a grim discovery of a dead body. The corpse has similar clothes to Yoon-Seo before she disappeared.

However, it’s not Yoon-Seo, who intentionally ran away for a while to make her parents worried, who has returned home. Meanwhile, the corpse that they found turns out to be Ji-Hoon’s.

The police theorize that Ji-Hoon likely died from tripping into the water and eventually drowning as a result of intoxication. Meanwhile, the family mourns Ji-Hoon’s death.

‘Trolley’ episode 1 ends with Hye-Joo opening up the doors on a girl who claims to be pregnant with Ji-Hoon’s life.


  • ‘Trolley’ is a compelling first episode that sees the world of the show being set up with many crucial pieces of the mystery puzzle being established for the story ahead.
  • The premiere episode also ends with a shocking revelation that Hye-Joo can’t quite believe.
  • A girl claims to be pregnant with Ji-Hoon’s child and Hye-Joo can do nothing but stand and look aghast.
  • Although nothing of remark, ‘Trolley’ episode 1 is a solid premiere that establishes the elements that will factor into the overall plot as well as giving way to a thrilling mystery ahead.
Trolley episode 1
Trolley episode 1 recap & review: Prelude 1

Director: Kim Mun-kyo

Date Created: 2022-12-19 18:30

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