Titans season 4 finale recap, review, and ending explained

In the series finale of Titans, the team faces off against Brother Blood to end his plan to destroy the planet and everyone in it. The episode is streaming on Max.

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The Titans try to enter the temple but it is sealed so Rachel projects an image of herself inside. Sebastian summons Trigon and asks him if they’re going to rule together.

Rachel tells Sebastian that their father is lying and he replies that Trigon has something he needs before turning around and attacking the demon. Rachel backs away and sees Conner’s body on the floor.

Sebastian pulls out Trigon’s heart and drinks his blood as his father falls back into hell. Rachel tells the others and once Sebastian leaves, they gather Conner’s body and go after him.

Conner appears to be dead and Dick injects him with a concoction of red Kryptonite, nitroglycerin, and epinephrine in the hope that he’ll wake up.

They get to Sebastian’s location and head there but it turns out to be a distraction since he’s at S.T.A.R Labs instead. He is confronted by one of the scientists and says that he needs access to the Icarus Gate, just as Bernard wakes up from his coma.

Bernard calls Tim to tell them that Sebastian is there and has killed everyone else there looking for the gate. Then he and Dick explain to the others that the Icarus gate is a wormhole that was developed for emergencies.

As they try to figure out why Sebastian would need a wormhole, Kory deduces that he’s trying to destroy Tamaran so they all rush to S.T.A.R Labs.

When Sebastian enters the room with the gate, the A.I. explains to him that to operate the gate it would need 1000 zettajoules of energy which is roughly the same amount as the average Tamaranean blast of energy.

Titans ending explained in detail:

What is Sebastian’s plan?

As soon as the Titans get to the lab, they head straight for the Icarus gate with Bernard guiding them. Kory gets a vision and is separated from the rest of them.

She appears to be in a trance and walks toward the gate as the others search for her. When she reaches there, Sebastian lets go of his mind control. The rest of the team realizes at that point that Sebastian needs Kory to power the wormhole.

Sebastian says that he’s going to send Earth hurtling toward Tamaran and destroy both planets and Kory says that this was Trigon’s plan, not his. He replies that since he drank Trigon’s blood, he learned what his motivations were.

How do the Titans stop him?

Kory is hooked up to the machine as the wormhole begins to be powered up. The team reaches there after fighting off a meta-human attack squad outside the door.

They go inside and Dick immediately engages Sebastian as Rachel tries to free Kory and Tim and Gar figure out a way to close the wormhole. Bernard tells Gar that he needs to pull out the cables connected to the targeting system.

His progress is painstakingly slow but the tide is turned when Conner rejoins the fight after coming back to life. They shut down the targeting system and neutralize Sebastian once and for all.

What is the fate of the Titans?

Dick wants to send Sebastian through the wormhole but Kory says it’s about time they got rid of him and insists that she must sacrifice herself. Sebastian screams out angrily as Kory grabs him and flies out into the air.

As the others watch, there is an explosion in the sky and they all assume that Kory is dead but she flies back down not long after. A flashback to an earlier Christmas Eve shows the team celebrating the holiday as Kory learns what it is all about.

The team visits a nice restaurant to celebrate defeating Sebastian as each of them discusses what’s next. Gar says that he’s got unfinished business in the Red.

Rachel says she’s going to a community college while Tim says that he’s going to be traveling between Gotham and Metropolis to spend time with Bernard. Conner tells all of them that he’s finally going to be spending time with Superman.

With all of them moving on, Dick and Kory have a chance to start a relationship of their own and see what is in their future.


  • The series finale, much like most of the series, is good without truly being spectacular. There are a couple of standout moments but the show had lost its way long before this.
  • Conner’s turn to the good side was already rushed before he died and then came back to life at the convenient moment. It is a lazy bit of story-telling that is quite rampant in the series.
  • The fight sequence between Sebastian, Tim, and Dick is very well choreographed and one of the better set pieces of the episode. The visual isn’t exactly original but it was still well-executed.
  • The effects employed to show Trigon are quite impressive albeit for a short time as Sebastian disposes of him quite quickly.
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