Titans season 4 episode 11 recap & review: Project Starfire

In episode 11 of Titans, Kory finds out about a project the Lex Luthor was working on and Tim heads back to Gotham and gets some training from an old frenemy. The episode is streaming on Max.


Kory keeps getting dreams about a chamber containing her blue light but doesn’t tell anyone else about it. Tim is worried about Bernard’s health but Dick sends him to Gotham to track down a lead while also handing him his Robin suit.

Sebastian and Conner are in hiding as Sebastian waits for Conner to let him know what’s next now that his game is shut down. Conner says he can get back Sebastian’s powers by killing May.

May is confident that she can turn Sebastian around and visits him. She tells him that he will get his powers back once he calls Trigon.

Tim arrives in Gotham and attempts to stop a robbery when he gets some help from Jason. Jason takes him back to his hideout and shows him what case he’s working on. After Tim solves a major clue, the two of them spar with Jason training Tim.

Kory gets an update on Conner’s location and doesn’t tell the others. Meanwhile, Conner cuts off contact with Mercy. Gar and Rachel discuss the Red and what might be in store for them in the future.

Dick, Gar, and Rachel realize that Kory is missing and eventually find her at Lex’s bunker questioning Mercy. Conner kidnaps the Confessor and makes him tell Sebastian the truth, that he will perish once Trigon rises.

Sebastian gets angry and drinks the Confessor’s enchanted blood under Conner’s instruction to get his powers back. The Titans find out that Lext was building a weapon called Project Starfire that was meant to replicate her power and stop Sebastian.

They find its location and run into Conner outside the entrance. After some intense training, Tim heads back to Metropolis as he doesn’t find any more leads. It turns out that Dick sent him there specifically to receive some training from Jason.

Conner apologizes and says that he wants to help them again. They set up Project Starfire which is a bomb that will absorb Kory’s power and neutralize the person it is thrown at.

The bomb almost reaches critical mass before Dick shuts down the power but they end up with a weapon that isn’t fully charged. Conner takes it with him to use on Sebastian.

Sebastian goes to the temple where May assumes he’s there to help. Instead, he kills her and takes all of her powers. Conner then throws the bomb at Sebastian but it doesn’t work and Sebastian incapacitates Conner with his magic.

He then uses the horn to call Trigon as the Titans look worryingly at the sky and Kory decides she’s ending this once and for all.


  • The episode is visually quite dark which has been a consistent problem throughout the series. Without the appropriate lighting, rather than setting a vibe, the creators just make it more difficult to watch.
  • Conner’s switch back to the good side felt so sudden as there wasn’t a clear explanation behind it. This a moment of poor storytelling and continues the stumble towards the finale.
  • The costumes for Robin and Brother Blood are impressive and so is the score. The fight sequences are well choreographed even if the cinematography relies a little too much on snap cuts. Technically, the series has eccentric ups and downs.
Titans season 4 episode 11
Titans season 4 episode 11 recap & review: Project Starfire 1

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