Thirty-Nine season 1 episode 6 recap and review: Conviction

Thirty-Nine is a Netflix-based Korean drama. Episode 6 was broadcasted on 4th March. The episode dwells further into the lives of the three friends as they battle against their problems. 


Just like episode 5, this episode starts with child Mi-jo too. She is admitting that she cheated on a test. We jump back to the present.

Seon-woo’s dad is back in town and adds himself to the trios dinner plans. So-won is visibly uncomfortable during the dinner and doesn’t talk much.

Her father keeps belittling her for being an orphan. Mi-jo speaks up, seeing that she is an orphan too. 

He takes this opportunity to throw shade at So-won, mentioning her bad upbringing. Mi-jo tries to defend So-won, but she abruptly leaves the table. Mi-jo follows her. 

Seon-woo is unhappy with the turn of events and gets more upset as his dad tells him to see a shaman. 

Once the father leaves, the trio goes out for drinks. They try to forget the uncomfortable time, and Mi-jo suggests So-won visit her old orphanage. 

Meanwhile, Joo-hee asks Mi-jo’s mum about her birth parent. She denies having any knowledge about the subject but seems to visibly sweat. 

She is later seen holding an envelope from prison and says that Mi-jo wouldn’t have been the good person she is today had her birth mother raised her.  

Meanwhile, Mi-jo heads to meet Chan-young in a park. The latter smells alcohol on her friend. She jokes about how it’s good that Mi-jo is already making new friends, seeing that it’ll get lonely once she leaves. Mi-jo gets very sad and starts sobbing. It is an emotional moment, and Chan-young starts crying too.

The next day, Joo-hee and Mi-jo promise to visit Chan-young more frequently since they aren’t living together at the moment. 

So-won goes back to the orphanage she grew up in. She reminisces about her good memories here and how she used to be happy all the time. 

Mi-jo is back at work, and Seon-woo checks up on her. Seeing that she looks so sad and lost, he cheers her up, and the pair paint together. 

Meanwhile, Joo-hee faces an obnoxious customer. She is upset by it and goes to Hyun-Joon’s bar to spend time with him. She rants about the horrible customer. 

Hyun-Joon shares his experience of leaving his job at the hotel to follow his passion. Joo-hee is awed by him and admires his courage.

She then heads up to meet Mi-jo and Chan-young, and they watch Korean dramas together. 

The following day, Chan-young advises Mi-jo to spend more time with Seon-woo. Coincidentally Seon-woo arrives there and asks Mi-jo to accompany him for camping. She agrees, and the pair leave. 

Joo-hee encounters another horrible customer and finally decides that she is done with her job.

Meanwhile, Jin-Seok heads over to Chan-young’s place to meet her. But things quickly turn awkward as her mom shows up. 

She asks them whether he is Chan-young’s boyfriend, making the situation even more awkward. She decides to let go of the situation and cooks for them. The three of them have an excellent bonding session over food. 

Sun-Joo, Jin-Seok’s unfaithful wife figures out Chan-young’s address and busts into her home unannounced. She is about to create a scene but Mi-jo steps in and takes her outside.

She drops to her knees and pleads and begs Sun-Joo to leave. The latter mocks her before leaving. 

Mi-jo is freezing because of the cold and her lips are turning blue. She collapses on the ground but Seon-woo arrives there at the perfect time and catches her. 


  • This episode unfolded even more drama. Every happy, heartwarming moment was followed by something unfortunate. 
  • All the subplots seem to catching up with the main plot, Chan-young’s illness. It will be fascinating to witness their arcs. 
  • The development in Joo-hee’s character is very compelling. Her chemistry with Hyun-joon is also something that can’t be missed. 

Rating: 4/5

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