Thirty-Nine season 1 episode 5 recap & review: Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 2 

Thirty-Nine is a Netflix-based Korean Drama. Episode 5 was broadcasted on 3rd March. Drama arises in the episode as we learn more about Seon-woo’s past. 


The episode starts with child Mi-jo learning about Rachmaninoff Paino Concerto No. 2. She is enthralled by the melody and calls it warm. 

We jump to the present. The episode catches back on where it left last time. Seon-woo and So-won are having a disagreement on the side of the road. He wants her to come home with him, but she disagrees. 

Mi-jo and her friends who were witnessing this leave without saying a word. The following day Mi-jo meets Seon-woo at the clinic, but he is avoiding her. They discuss So-won but he won’t disclose much. 

Later, Mi-jo meets her therapist, who tells her to spend more time making good memories with Chan-young instead of worrying about the future. 

Mi-jo is sitting alone at the train station thinking about her good times with Chan-young when she spots the said friend seated across the station. She looked extremely sad. Mi-jo meets her and they decide to go out to eat.

At the restaurant, they talk about life and Chan-young share that she is terrified. She tearfully asks Mi-jo to not leave her alone. 

Chan-young shares that she fears more for the people she cares about. She says she already misses Mi-jo. The two share an emotional moment.

That night, Chan-young meets Jin-seok, who tells her that he wants to spend more time with her and has already made the arrangement. Chan-young is unhappy about it and wants him to reconcile with his wife. 

Meanwhile, Seon-woo finds So-won’s address from the club she works at and goes there. Instead of meeting her, he just leaves a gift for her at the doorstep. It’s a watch.

So-won goes to the clinic the next day, happy with the gift. She thanks Seon-woo and they go for lunch. She tells him that she has quit her job at the club, making him happy. 

Later that night, Joo-hee, Chan-young, and Mi-jo try to make a list of all things they could do before Chan-young gets sicker. But Chan-young rejects all the ideas and wants to find Joo-hee a boyfriend and search for Mi-jo’s birth mother.

Jin-seok leaves his house to spend time with Chan-young but the latter isn’t happy about it. 

Mi-jo and Chan-young go to visit her family. Chan-young doesn’t tell them about her illness. Mi-jo is visibly uncomfortable about it. She hugs them both before leaving. 

Seon-woo falls sick and Mi-jo visits him. They have a heartfelt conversation about their childhood. Seon-woo talks about how his sister was abused by their father. Mi-jo shares her experience of the orphanage. He asks her if he can introduce her to his sister as his girlfriend. Mi-jo happily agrees. 

Mi-jo, Seon-woo, and So-won go for a meal together. Seon-woo later asks his sister to help him get past the first base. Mi-jo overhears it, leaving Seon-woo flustered. 

The three friends meet later that night. Chan-young is annoyed when Joo-hee tells them that she helped Hyun-joon get back with his girlfriend. She thought he was the perfect boyfriend for Joo-hee. 

The next day, as Mi-jo, Seon-woo and his sister are hanging out at the clinic, their father arrives unannounced. He created a ruckus. The episode ends with Mi-jo holding an anxious So-won’s hand as she tries to leave, implying that she is there to help her.  


  • Chan-young and Mi-jo’s friendship was beautifully shown in this episode. The viewers get an idea of how deeply they cared for each other. But at times, it also feel that Joo-hee, their third friend, is third-wheeling due to her less screen time. 
  • This episode is filled with many emotional moments and all of them were scripted really well. They manage to touch the audience’s hearts, making them feel the moment.
  • The scenes with Mi-jo and Seon-woo act as temporary relief and are perfectly placed. The two share undeniable chemistry, making the audience root for more. 

Rating: 4/5

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