The Peripheral episode 3 recap & review: Haptic Drift

The Peripheral episode 3 sees Burton stepping up to contend with the Corbell Pickett problem while Flynne and Wilf work together to find Aelita.


The Peripheral ‘Haptic Drift’ opens with an event in Corbell’s past where he killed his rivals in a cruel manner, teaching his frightened nephew Jasper his evil ways.

Cut to the present day and the local kingpin weighs his options regarding the Fishers with his wife. He decides he must do a little research on what they’re up to before making a move on the bounty.

Meanwhile, Flynne reveals all that has transpired over the past days to her friend Billy Ann. Burton is upset and angry when she tells him about this, reminding her that Billy Ann’s husband is Corbell’s nephew.

Flynne goes peripheral and in 2100’s London, she learns that Corbell Picket may be coming for her and her family, following a bounty offered by a party in the future. She returns to her timeline momentarily and informs Burton.

He instantly takes matters into his own hand and has a chat with Corbell. Giving him a test of what he and his buddies can do with the haptic link installed in their arms, Burton offers Corbell $200k per month to stay away from his family.

Meanwhile, Wilf takes Flynne to retrace her steps during her last meeting with Aelita. Midway through their search, a police robot stops Flynne but Wilf manages to dupe the machine and create an elaborate fluff that also involves him kissing Flynne.

Before that, the two also synch with each other through a technology similar to Burton’s haptic link. Burton later warns her that it can make her fall in love with the one she’s linked up with, among other risks.

Earlier in The Peripheral episode 3, Wilf visits his mother who, along with her late husband, adopted him and Aelita in their childhood.

Through a flashback, it’s revealed that Aelita and Wilf were two orphans who shared a strong bond and would not be separated by anyone.

It’s evident that the two adopted children were both not the most abiding children and have an estranged relationship with their foster parent. Wilf’s mother is also strangely racist to her son.

Wilf asks if she knows Aelita’s whereabouts and his mother tells him the answer she got when she asked Aelita where she’s staying. “Where snow last fell in London”, is what she said to her mother.

Flynne later solves the riddle and she and Wilf head to her place, only to find that it has been ransacked by someone who got there before them.

They find the room where Flynne’s avatar’s eye was replaced with Mariel’s, with several other peripheral bodies lying dormant in the operating room.

Midway through their search for clues and leads, Nuland’s henchman Daniel arrives and fights them again.

This time, however, Flynne manages to successfully fight back and before an injured Daniel can reveal why Nuland is after her, the robot accompanying Daniel ends up slashing his neck.

Earlier in The Peripheral ‘Haptic Drift’, Nuland cracked down on Daniel for his lacking efforts in tracking down the people funding Flynne, also killing one of Aelita’s former friends herself.

Meanwhile, Corbell gives Jasper money and tells him to do some work for him in return. A reluctant and hesitant Jasper has few options for refusal and asks what he needs to be done.

Corbell asks his nephew to find out what the Fishers are up to and what kind of people have they gotten involved with.


  • The Peripheral episode 3 delves into a cute little start of a relationship between Flynne and Wilf. Through stares of longing and soft gazes, Wilf has been shown to have a certain affinity towards Flynne.
  • In ‘Haptic Drift’, Flynne has also fallen for Wilf, even if just a bit and because of the more platonic kind of relationship between them that stems from the haptic link.
  • Corbell is diabolical, and the episode hammers on the point of just how far he can go to get what he wants.
  • Even if Burton manages to scare him for a little bit, Corbell stays menacing, but his calculated cadence in investigating Fishers is probably the most perilous thing for the protagonist and her loved ones.
The Peripheral episode 3
The Peripheral episode 3 recap & review: Haptic Drift 1

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