The Mosquito Coast season 2 episode 8 recap & review: Dead Totems

The eighth episode of ‘The Mosquito Coast’ season 2 sees Allie investigating what Guillermo is hiding while Dina leaves Isela’s camp with a little help from Adolfo. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Dina and Adolfo leave Isela’s camp after borrowing a boat. Margot continues to negotiate with JJ Raban. She wants him to be clear on the immunity part for her family, which Raban thinks is a lot to ask for.

After the call, Margot asks Allie if he has tried to talk to Charlie. Allie says that he will, but right now he needs to take care of something else. While using Sandpiper for Guillermo, Allie tracked his smuggling routes and came across an anomaly.

Guillermo is trying to keep a secret, and Allie intends to use it against him. Allie sets off on a journey to see what he is hiding.

On his way, he sees Guillermo’s traffickers treating some workers harshly. He plans to be a bit more careful and soon notices someone coming at him, and that someone turns out to be Charlie.

Charlie claims that he has been here before and that he knows how to avoid getting spotted.

The father-son duo journey into the forest. Allie tells Charlie about Guillermo and how his program ‘Sandpiper’ works. They come across some ancient structures, and a healthy conversation ensues.

Soon, that conversation turns nasty when Charlie starts talking about their family history. Allie confronts Charlie about why he pulled a gun on Richard.

He explains to him why he should not hurt Richard because that would ruin his life. Charlie confesses that, at times, he feels a lot of anger inside him, and sometimes he is just scared. He just can’t control these feelings.

When Charlie argues about the guy he killed, Allie says that he didn’t question Charlie for doing that because he did it for them.

The father-son duo soon reaches the location where Allie intends to find things that Guillermo is hiding. They come across a farm where they witness a handover take place.

Allie infiltrates the farm once Guillermo’s men leave. Charlie follows him inside. They both find evidence, in the form of drugs, against Guillermo. Allie assesses that Guillermo is stealing drugs from cartels in transit and is reselling them.

While Allie was on this adventure with Charlie, Bill waited for him to come to his regular job. After waiting around for a while, Bill proceeded to inform Guillermo that Allie is missing.

Meanwhile, back at Isela’s camp, Margot sneaks into Richard’s cabin while he is away. She snaps pictures of Richard’s documents and soon discovers fake passports. One of these passports belongs to her.

Richard comes back and meets Margot, who has been waiting for him. She questions if he plans to take her away with him once his business with Guillermo is over. Margot insists that if he needs her, then he will allow her to be a full-time partner.

Amidst all of this, Dina spent an entire day with Adolfo out there in the city. They got along and had fun at a fair.

At the end of the day, Adolfo took her to his place. She noticed his truck’s keys hanging on the shelf and grabbed them while he was in the kitchen bringing water to her.

Adolfo made it in time to stop her. He tells her how his life will turn out if she steals his boss’ truck and runs away. He questioned if this was her plan all along.

Dina claims that she isn’t a normal person because the government is hunting her family down, and she doesn’t believe that Adolfo would be able to help her with that. Adolfo then decides to drop her off at the place where she plans to go.

Back at Isela’s camp, Charlie discovers the letter Dina has left behind for them.


  • The one thing to appreciate in this episode is that the show is finally sticking to the main plot. The show seems to be past its fillers, and every character now has a solid plan.
  • The discovery Allie made in the previous episode through Sandpiper gave viewers some hope, suggesting that the show is onto some serious business now. Based on that alone, this episode should’ve been tense and full of developments.
  • Dina abandoning her family is an interesting part, but at this point, it’s a bit predictable that she will somehow return to them. There is a chance that Guillermo will find her and use her against Allie, who has discovered evidence against him.
The Mosquito Coast season 2 episode 8
The Mosquito Coast season 2 episode 8 recap & review: Dead Totems 1

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