Why is the Fox family on the run in The Mosquito Coast?

The second season of ‘The Mosquito Coast’ finally sheds light on why the Fox family is on the run and who is responsible for the mess they are in right now.

On their way to Isela’s camp, Allie and Margot muster up the courage to tell the kids why the authorities are after them.

Thirteen years ago, Allie and Margot weren’t together and were focusing on their individual selves while also taking care of Dina and Charlie, who were just kids.

Allie was working on his pitch for the system he had created. Allie’s system predicts variations in bird migration patterns based on climate change.

The investors saw Allie’s system as disruptive and wanted him to give it a try in partnership with the NSA. Meanwhile, Margot spent time with a man named Richard Beaumont working on what looks like a bomb.

Allie illegally accesses a confidential database

Allie kept a close eye on Margot and was not happy that she was hanging out with Richard Beaumont. The internet is filled with videos featuring Beaumont and his controversial opinions about the environment.

Allie had also glanced upon a folder he came across at his house that belongs to Margot. The folder contained schematics for a biotech lab.

He grew suspicious, and soon, his urge to find out more about Beaumont led him to use his own system to hack into the NSA’s database. He searches for Beaumont and comes across news pieces about some laboratory explosions and a picture of Margot.

Why is the Fox family on the run in The Mosquito Coast? 1
Allie hacks into the NSA’s database

The NSA notices that someone is accessing their system. They manage to get their hands on Allie.

They question him about his purpose for accessing the system and Margot’s background in domestic terrorism. The agents let Allie go, believing that he was just looking to dig some dirt on Beaumont.

Margot bombs a biotech lab

Allie came back home after realizing that Margot is about to bomb a biotech lab with Richard. An agent was following Allie around. Allie tricked that agent in order to pursue Margot and stop her from committing the crime.

Margot and Richard, on the other hand, dress up as cleaners and break into the targeted biotech lab. They successfully plant the bomb once everyone at the lab leaves.

Why is the Fox family on the run in The Mosquito Coast? 2
Allie comforts Margot

On their way back home, Margot notices a worker coming back. She wasn’t ready to let an innocent die because of her. She went back to save her, while Richard escaped.

Margot failed to make it in time. The girl that came back to the biotech lab got caught in the bomb blast.

Allie later found Margot alone, and she knew that the NSA agents are on their way to apprehend her. Allie comforted her and convinced her that the kids need them both.

Since then, the Fox family has been on the run from the authorities and is now seeking shelter elsewhere.

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