The Mosquito Coast season 2 episode 7 recap & review: The Burning of Judas

The seventh episode of ‘The Mosquito Coast’ season 2 sees Guillermo trying to buy Allie’s Sandpiper while Richard decides to share with Margot what he is doing here at Isela’s camp. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Margot wakes up at night upon hearing the sound of drumming. She comes out to see the members of the camp preparing for a ritual. The next day, she tries to reconcile with Allie.

Margot expresses that she wants to offer the government Richard in exchange for immunity for them. Allie still likes to think that they can’t trust the government.

Allie prepares to meet Guillermo again. Before he could leave, Dina lets him know that Margot has told her about the bomb blast at the lab.

Initially, it feels like Dina is apologizing for behaving the way she did with Allie, but the conversation soon gets heated. She blames Allie for bringing them down this path, as he always forced them to do things his way.

Allie makes fun of the life Dina desires to live and breaks her heart. Dina, on her side, calls him a bully.

Guillermo heads to meet Andrea Bautista, who demands the names of the people who infiltrated their event. She warns him and asks him to get rid of them. There is a big price to pay if he gets caught with them.

Guillermo later meets and sits down with Allie. He explains the kind of business he is running. He controls all the routes over here. The only thing he needs to evade is the police.

He has hired a young man named Caleb, who knows all about tech. Guillermo wants Allie to hand over his program ‘Sandpiper’ to Caleb so that he can use it to detect police movements.

Allie reiterates what happened the last time someone stole Sandpiper from him. If Guillermo wants this program to work in his favor, he needs Allie, who knows everything about it as he is the creator. Guillermo just can’t hire someone else and have them run it.

Guillermo is left with no option but to fire Caleb right away. He then shows Allie his workplace and gives him 72 hours to get Sandpiper working with the data they have.

Meanwhile, Richard discloses to Margot that Charlie tried to shoot him. She is sorry for that. Richard lets her know that he is not here to hurt anyone.

He even invites her to come and see what his goal here is. He takes her to a construction site where the forests have been destroyed in order to build industries.

He had to get involved to stop this. He clarifies that even though he is haunted by the lab incident, he can’t help but admit that their bomb blast did shut that lab down. They saved the world that day.

Margot and Richard later noticed the developers, Andrea Bautista and Carter Albrecht, on the site. On her way back, Margot sold her ring to a shopkeeper at a store to buy his phone.

When they came back to the camp, they saw Guillermo’s traffickers leaving. These traffickers are allowed to invade Isela’s camp whenever they like.

Allie comes back home and reveals to Margot that Guillermo, as expected, has asked for Sandpiper. He notices that her ring is missing, which leads her to show him the phone she bought today. Margot also tells him how Charlie tried to shoot Richard.

Allie reveals that he has found a solution for them. At Guillermo’s, he managed to get the Sandpiper running, and while adding the data to it, he came across some documents. Now, these documents could be their way out.

Amidst all of this, unlike Dina, Charlie finds himself getting along with the people of Isela’s camp. He follows the rituals the members of the camp are following with dedication.

A vulnerable Dina, on the other hand, gets comforted by Adolfo. He shares how his father killed himself and how he ended up working with Ridley. The couple gets along, talking about the dreams they have.


  • ‘The Mosquito Coast’ continues to rely a lot on drama that is not important for the main plot.
  • Something new or someone new is added to the show in every other episode. This time, the viewers get to meet the traffickers. The question is whether these new additions are really that important to the story.
  • There are a few things that are actually pushing the story somewhere. Margot’s urge to escape is finally taking a more interesting turn, while Allie has discovered something that would be the solution to their problem.
  • The episode kind of messes up with Allie’s part toward the end. It should’ve directly addressed what he had just found rather than having the viewers wait for another week. This way, the show wouldn’t have felt draggy.
The Mosquito Coast season 2 episode 7
The Mosquito Coast season 2 episode 7 recap & review: The Burning of Judas 1

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