The Last Thing He Told Me season 1 episode 3 recap & review: Keep Austin Weird

In the third episode of The Last Thing He Told Me, Hannah and Bailey go to Austin to find some clues regarding Owen’s past. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


On their way to Austin, Hannah tells Bailey that she wants to visit the stadium where Bailey attended the football game with her father. Bailey continues to be difficult, but Owen believed that marrying Hannah was going to be the best decision for Bailey.

Jake calls Hannah and tells her that the FBI wants to conduct a formal interview with her, which means that they either know more about Owen than they are letting on or they have something on Hannah. 

She then sees a man she has never met before watching her. Hannah knows that they are not safe right now, so she books her hotel room under a false name. On the other hand, Grady observes the man who had been following Hannah back home. 

Hannah and Bailey go to the stadium in the hopes that Bailey will be able to remember something from the day she visited the place with Owen. Initially, Bailey is reluctant to try, but when she sees a foam hand, she remembers something.

Her father, who does not like football, was happy to attend the game with her, and the two of them walked to the stadium from a wedding. Hannah then asks Jules to find out the names of the churches that are within walking distance from the stadium.

Hannah also gets a call from the CEO of The Shop, Avett. He wants to know where Owen is, and he knows something about Owen’s past that Hannah does not know. He wants Owen to talk to his lawyers before anyone else, and it sounds like a threat to Hannah.

Hannah is forced to tell Bailey about the phone call. She also tells her that she is trying to protect her and that she feels like whatever Owen is doing, it is for them. This earns her a compliment from Bailey for the first time.

Hannah and Bailey successfully find a church that seems familiar to Bailey and convince the woman in charge to give them a list of the weddings that took place there in the fall of 2011. 

To their surprise, the woman tells them that the church was closed for construction at that time, but Hannah still leaves her number with the woman in case she finds anything. 

Jake calls Hannah again to tell her that The Shop’s COO has also been indicted. He warns her not to get on the FBI’s nerves by delaying the interview, as they might charge her with obstruction or as an accessory, but Hannah needs one more day.

Grady has been keeping an eye on Hannah’s house and sees Bobby there. He also stops the man, who had been watching Hannah for the past few days, from breaking in. The man is sent by the head of security of The Shop, Eric Cousins.

The man leaves when Grady threatens to get Avett’s bail revoked. Once he leaves, Grady breaks into the house and discovers the bag full of cash that Owen left in Bailey’s locker. 

Hannah remembers Owen clutching Bailey’s piggy bank once. The piggy bank had Lady Paul written on it. Hannah thinks about the file on Owen’s laptop, which she could not access; “L. Paul” was the password hint. 

She asks Jules to stop by her house and check out the piggy bank, and Jules finds a key in the piggy bank. Jules also comes across Jake, who has come there to talk to Hannah. 

Meanwhile, Bailey finally calls Bobby, who tells her that people are no longer talking about her at school. Bailey also admits to him that Hannah is not as bad as she had assumed. 

Jake and Jules call Hannah, who is planning to return home with Bailey. Jake tells her that his private investigator could not find any records related to Owen and Bailey Michaels in Seattle, which means Owen had been hiding his and his daughter’s real identity.


  • The show continues to be dry. It tries to create suspense but fails. At the end of this episode, the audience will just remember Bailey being pointlessly insolent every few minutes. 
  • Hannah and Bailey’s search in this episode was very predictable. Bailey is reluctant to try and remember the past, then she criticizes Hannah’s methods, but the methods end up working to no one’s surprise. 
  • The only mystery in the episode is the character of Grady. His motivations are not known, and no one can predict what he might do next. The audience would want to know more about him.
The Last Thing He Told Me season 1 episode 3
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