The Interest of Love season 1 episode 12 recap & review

In the twelfth episode of The Interest of Love, Mi-gyeong refuses to break up with Sang-su, and Mr. Jeong tries to hold on to his failing relationship. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


Su-yeong enters a hotel room with Sang-su and sleeps with him. Mi-gyeong meets with Gyeong-pil, who questions her about dating Sang-su despite knowing about his relationship with Su-yeong. Mi-gyeong tells him that she chose to ignore it to protect their love.

Back in the car with Sang-su, Mi-gyeong gets sick when he tells her he has feelings for someone else. She tells him that he cannot fall out of love with her if he never loved her in the first place, so that cannot be the reason for their breakup. 

She reminds him that he promised her to try. She wants him to try once again from the beginning and leaves.

Meanwhile, Mr. Jeong asks Su-yeong if her feelings for him are out of love or compassion. Instead of answering him, she questions him whether love is the only emotion he feels towards her. 

When Sang-su messages her, Su-yeong calls him to talk to him and runs into him outside her house. Sang-su looks upset to her, but he tells her that it is fine. Mr. Jeong sees them together from the window. 

At the office, Su-yeong comes to get Mr. Yuk’s approval on something. Mi-gyeong lies to her about spending time with Sang-su the previous night. At the same time, Seok-hyeon gets screamed at by Mr. Yuk and gets suspended for tainting the reputation of the bank with his scandal.

Mi-gyeong remarks that banks are conservative and one scandal could ruin your career. Seok-hyeon would have been promoted, but he chose to have an affair, knowing he would regret it. Su-yeong is then distracted at work the whole day.

Seok-hyeon tells the employees that he did it, putting his reputation and career at risk, as he did not want to have regrets or lose his lover. 

Later, when Sang-su asks Mi-gyeong about their breakup, she says that she has already given him her answer. Sang-su implores her to see that their relationship has already ended. He does not care if he ends up like Seok-hyeon.

Mi-gyeong then asks him if he is okay with Su-yeong getting hurt, seeing how people have been talking about Seok-hyeon’s lover, and Sang-su asks her if she is okay dating a man who does not have feelings for her. Mi-gyeong thinks anything is better than breaking up with him.

Mi-gyeong’s mother meets Sang-su’s mother to discuss their children’s marriage and their social status. Sang-su’s mother dodges the topic.

Mr. Jeong’s friends call Su-yeong to have drinks with them. Seon-jae makes her feel uncomfortable by implying that Mr. Jeong likes spending time with her. On their way home, they see the place where they started dating has been closed down, and Mr. Jeong asks her to go on a date with him the next day.

Sang-su, who had come there to meet Su-yeong, leaves when he sees the couple entering her house together. He goes to meet his mother instead. His mother informs him that Mi-gyeong’s family believes they will get married, but he tells her that the relationship is over from his side.

When she asks him about Su-yeong, he tells her that he feels anxious and uncomfortable about his feelings for her, but that does not matter when he is with her.

Mr. Jeong and Su-yeong’s date is anything but enjoyable. He gets them matching rings, but the ring does not fit on her finger.  

Mi-gyeong’s mother takes Sang-su shopping. She invites Mi-gyeong to join them when he says he has something important to say to her. When her mother states that she will support their marriage, he tells her, despite Mi-gyeong’s protests, that they have decided to break up.

Mi-gyeong asks him again if Su-yeong would leave Mr. Jeong for him. She leaves with a warning that she is done being a good person; she will now do whatever it takes to get the love she deserves.

Mr. Jeong is looking for a new place to live, and Su-yeong deals with conflicting emotions. She overhears Sang-su being warned by his colleague not to offend Mi-gyeong’s family because they could ruin him.

Mi-gyeong comes to visit Su-yeong at the subbranch and tells her that she told Sang-su about Mr. Jeong living with her. She adds that she will continue to like her because she wants Su-yeong to feel guilty all the time, knowing that she hurt a person who likes her.

Gyeong-pil tells Su-yeong about his relationship with Mi-gyeong without naming her. He tells her that she was his first love, but her family decided he was not good enough for her. Her cousin warned him to stay away from her thrice, but he did not listen.

Mr. Jeong shows off his ring to Sang-su and gets upset when Su-yeong does not wear it. Su-yeong forces the ring on her finger, but when Sang-su comes to talk to her outside her house, she takes it out again.

Sang-su is sent to the subbranch when Su-yeong takes a day off. She goes to the beach to think about her problems, and Sang-su follows her there. He tells Gyeong-pil that he is done thinking, and he decided that a while ago.

Su-yeong tells him that she used to make sand castles as a child, but since she was scared that they will get destroyed eventually, she used to destroy them herself. When she tries to destroy the one she has made, he stops her, stating that it might stay here for a long time.

She sends him to get a drink and leaves before he returns. She goes to her parents’ restaurant and asks her father why he cheated on her mother. He tells her that once you love someone, you cannot stop. 

However, no one would make the choice of cheating on someone if they knew how much they would have to suffer later. Su-yeong leaves, saying that he is of no help to her even today.

When Sang-su sends her the picture of her sand castle that is still there on the beach, she calls someone and asks them to meet her.

The next day at work, she avoids Sang-su. A furious Mr. Jeong storms in and screams at her in front of all the employees. He asks her if it is true, and she says he already knows the answer to that. 

He then punches Gyeong-pil in the face. When Sang-su tries to stop him, he asks him if he also slept with Su-yeong, leaving everyone shocked.  


  • This episode tackles deep questions like the question of different types of love. These are the questions that make this show different from other romance dramas. Mr. Jeong and Su-yeong question each other about their love because they are aware that there is a difference.
  • The insecurities of different characters come out in the way they lay claim to their partners; Mr. Jeong flaunting his ring is an act to assure himself just as much as it is to send a message to Sang-su.
  • There are too many signs in this episode that point toward the end of Mr. Jeong and Su-yeong’s relationship. These signs are there not just for the characters but also for the viewers.
  • The transition between the past, the present, and the future events is not smooth at all. The placement of the scenes makes the plot in this episode extremely confusing.
The Interest of Love season 1 episode 12
The Interest of Love season 1 episode 12 recap & review 1

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