The Good Fight season 6 episode 5 recap & review: The End of Ginni

The fifth episode of The Good Fight season 6 sees Jay teaching Marissa how to defend herself, while Diane and Ri’Chard find themselves working on a weird case. The episode is now streaming on Paramount+.


Two FBI officers approach Marissa and warn her about more possible shooters who might be targeting her, much like how they targeted her father last time.

Jay sits down with Marissa to hear what they have to say. The FBI officers point out that the shooting has a pattern that is often carried out by a white supremacist group called Totenkopf USA.

The officers also detailed that the shooters may come wearing green shoelaces. Marissa seeks help from Jay and gets herself a gun to defend herself.

She even spends time on the internet and finds out more about the group that might be trying to kill her and the next civil war that is on its way.

Eventually, her worst dreams come true when she finds out that two people are following her everywhere. Jay comes to her aid and notices that these two men even have a black van of their own.

The next time Jay and Marissa cross paths with them, the former dares to confront them. The two men reveal themselves as FBI agents and try to arrest Jay.

Before they could take him away, an attorney appears out of nowhere with a group of people who are recording the arrest. He points out the flaws in the FBI’s arrest. Thus, forcing them to let Jay go.

Before leaving in an elite van, the attorney gives Jay a number, in case he wants to know more about them.

Ri’Chard finds himself working on a weird case where his client is asked by his pregnant wife to have a contract for motherhood. Ri’Chard comes up with a tactic to stall and was eager to meet the lawyer of his client’s wife.

That lawyer turns out to be Elsbeth Tascioni. Ri’Chard and Elsbeth continue to argue regarding the different agreements put forth by their clients. Finally, with a little help from Diane, they do come to a solution, but then another lawyer intervenes.

Mr. Brittel, a lawyer representing the unborn baby of the couple, walks in. Brittle claims the parents of the baby took a lot of money from their trust and now he wants them to pay it in full with interest.

The grandparents of the fetus have hired him for this purpose.

Diane and Ri’Chard planned to sue the fetus, but then, they realized that they can’t win this as the judge herself is pro-life.

During the next court hearing, Diane, Ri’Chard, and Elsbeth went on to accuse the lawyer of the fetus, stating that he is the trust’s lawyer and he has placed his interests over the child’s, to which the judge agrees and places the fetus into conservatorship.

Amidst all of this, Liz saw herself talking with an unknown individual on a call, who says she is Ginni Thomas, Clarence Thomas’s wife, whose texts Liz criticized during an interview on a television program.

In the end, the call turned out to be nothing but a prank pulled on Liz by Del.

Jay follows the number given by the unknown attorney, and he is introduced to a group that calls themselves “The Collective.” They wonder what Jay has in store for them.

Jay gives this a second thought and offers to train individuals to operate firearms and get their concealed carry licenses.


  • After an intense episode last week, The Good Fight kept a lot of balance this time around. While the wrath of last week’s encounter continued to haunt Marissa, a weird case brought much-needed light-heartedness.
  • Ri’Chard, Diane, and Elsbeth’s case around a couple and their baby with their own agreements turned out to be quite funny. Furthermore, it was unexpected to see this trio of lawyers work together.
  • While the show gave a number of characters their new goals this season, only Jay was missing a goal of his own. That part is now fulfilled as well. Furthermore, it looks quite an intriguing one and turning point for Jay.
The Good Fight season 6 episode 5
The Good Fight season 6 episode 5 recap & review: The End of Ginni 1

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