The Good Fight season 6 episode 2 recap & review: The End of the Yips

The Good Fight season 6 episode 2 sees Liz join a documentary on black prosecutors, only to later find out that the creator of the show is looking for something more spicy out of it. We also see the father-daughter duo of Eli and Marissa working together on Lila Royce’s case in the latest episode, which is available to stream on Paramount+.


Eli Gold makes his return to meet Julius Cain at Reddick & Associates, asking him to put Marissa back on the Lila Royce case. Cain worries since it’s a $3 million case. Eli assures him that everything will be fine since he is going to second chair her.

Liz takes out time to shoot for a documentary on the top five black prosecutors. Things go sideways when she realizes the interviewer Deandra Minton is far more interested in the Matthews case from 2008.

Liz suspects the documentary she agreed to is not all positive and asks Jay to dig out information on Deandra Minton.

Marissa is happy that her dad Eli is here to help. At the same time, she also suspects when she finds out that he is going to second chair her. The duo works together to prepare Lila for the case and find each other at crossroads.

They finally come up with security as a reason Lila won’t do her concerts in Israel. Marissa also documents the rocket attacks in Israel during the court session.

Lila’s tweets come into question, especially when she responded to a fan who asked her about apartheid in Israel. Lila’s comment stated she won’t be performing there because of that.

Marissa gave an impressive line to Lila on using music to unite people. Lila is then asked about having a concert in China. She is inquired about why she has moral objections to Israel, but not China.

Unaware of the situation in China, Lila ends up making a naive comment. With the case getting tight, Marissa finds out that she might be kicked out of it. Eli comforts his daughter.

Lila took the option to back out from the China concert with her manager objecting. Still, at the end of the day, she made a video against performing in China.

Lila’s music label came forward asking her to apologize to the Chinese as she has over 13 million fans there. Marissa and Eli tried objecting but Lila decides to apologize to close the case.

Although Marissa didn’t win, her client was happy while her father was proud. Therefore, he decided to hire her. Eli is indicted for fraud and Marissa goes furious realizing that this is the reason her father was helping her with the case.

Meanwhile, Jay brings in the news that Deandra has all the footage from the 2008 Matthews case. The problem she is after is Liz’s witness, Officer Tenny, who faced allegations of misconduct eight years after the case, with 12 convictions overturned.

For the next shoot, Liz brings Julius Cain as her lawyer to figure out what Deandra is up to. Deandra comes clean that the material she has gathered revolving around the Matthews case is now an investigation of prosecutorial misconduct.

She also has a statement from Liz’s coworker Brian who says they knew Officer Tenny was corrupt. Actually, all they thought was that he is sketchy.

Liz decided to bring her old fierce self to confront Deandra. She points out to Deandra how she is here for entertainment, not for justice by portraying how she found that one thing everybody else overlooked, although there is a mountain of evidence right in front of everyone.

Liz ends the interview by offering her the old Matthews case file. The fiery Liz later finds her way to Ri’Chard to confront him for trying to steal Moyo from her.

Amidst all of this, Diane takes the PT-108 treatment from Dr. Bettencourt and finds herself high for most of the episode.


  • The father-daughter duo of Eli and Marissa take the center stage in this episode and they have quite a chemistry. Although Marissa is not happy with her father at this point, it would be amazing to watch them together on screen again.
  • Watching fiery Liz come back at Deandra like that was quite intense. It’s good to see that Ri’Chard is finally so afraid of something that he has to be careful around her.
  • Diane’s arc seems to be like a filler for now which will continue throughout the season till the finale. Anyway, whatever developments there are, they are worth taking note of if we are in for something big.
The Good Fight season 6 episode 2
The Good Fight season 6 episode 2 recap & review: The End of the Yips 1

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