Who is Ri’chard Lane? ‘The Good Fight’ character explained

Ri’chard Lane is the new attorney joining Liz as her new name partner in the premiere of The Good Fight season 6. They both will be running the Reddick & Associates together.

During the STR Laurie meeting, Mr. Winston and Mr. Osman congratulated Liz for the best quarter the firm ever had. With that, they also addressed that she will now share duties with a new name partner.

Not happy with the decision, Liz initially thought the new partner is going to be Diane. Until she met the flamboyant Ri’chard Lane conducting prayers and meetings at the firm.

Introduction of Ri’chard Lane

Ri’chard made his presence felt at the firm while Liz was away with Diane at the court. The moment Ri’Chard walked in, he began shaping the place according to his comfort. He asked his associates to hunt for the biggest office at the firm and also took down the artwork that didn’t go with his style.

Ri'Chard Lane
Ri’Chard Lane arrives at Reddick & Associates

Ri’chard conducted prayers, talked to associates about the firm’s problems, and even hired new associates on his very first day. Mr. Osman described him as a rainmaker. Ri’chard assured Liz that he is not the enemy and that they can change the world together.

Andre Braugher on his portrayal of Ri’chard Lane

In an interview with TV insider, Andre Braugher described his character Ri’chard Lane as an energetic, intelligent, compassionate lawyer, and an overtly evangelical Christian. Reddick & Associates brought him to shake things up.

In order to prepare for the role, Braugher took insights from Little Richard’s autobiography to shape the flamboyant character.

Ri’chard Lane’s chief concern would be raising the profile of Reddick & Associates and transforming it into something strong and profitable.

Being polar opposites, we are bound to see Ri’chard and Liz up against each other. But, according to Braugher, the duo would come to understanding when it comes to Liz’s father.

Andre Braugher’s other popular portrayals

Andre Braugher is quite popular as Detective Frank Pembleton in Homicide: Life on the Street (1993–1999), for which he has received two Primetime Emmy Awards.

He also portrayed Owen Thoreau Jr in the comedy-drama Men of a Certain Age (2009–2011). More recently, he starred as Captain Raymond Holt in the popular sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

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