The Expanse season 6 episode 4 recap: Redoubt

The affairs in space are moving along briskly in ‘The Expanse’ as the different players deal with their own issues in the far corners of the universe, with Marco and Filip, Holden and the ‘Roci’ crew, and Avasarala all featuring prominently.


The Laconian girl, Cara, is sulking while others come to pay respects towards her dead brother as the fourth episode of ‘The Expanse’ season 6 gets underway. Admiral Duarte has a very mature conversation with her about grief and how people deal with it. If only it were that easy to talk to children on a regular basis.

Hoping that what she saw earlier holds true, she sneaks out at night with her brother’s body to take him to the creature she considers her very own walking talking ‘Lazarus Pit’.

At the Ceres station, everyone is recovering from the fallout of the explosions. Several lives have been lost and the people at the top are deciding on their next course of action while the local belters are still holding onto their blind love of Marco Inaros.

The Martians are getting impatient and their high command is preparing to launch a full-fledged attack with or without the support of the U.N. They’re really doing justice to roman mythology with their insistence of war here.

Clarrissa finds out that Holden intentionally disarmed the nuke that could have eliminated Marco and shares this with Amos. Amos confronts Holden about this but he dismisses him without much of an explanation. You’d think that after spending so long with each other as a crew they would know by now to be clear and completely honest with each other.

Marco continues his descent with some rash decision making rooted in anger. Filip is getting chummy with a repair technician thanks to his demotion for speaking out against his father. The two of them are following very different paths at the moment that might eventually converge.

Drummer and her allies have located one of Marco’s supply depots are getting ready to raid it. They encounter some resistance from hidden security officers and in the scuffle, Josep is pinned down by a crate. Michio has to do her best ‘127 hours’ impression and cut off Josep’s arm so that they can set him free.

This sets Drummer off and she sends out a clear message to Marco where she belts (pun intended) some pretty intense catchphrases to incite the leader of the Free Navy.

When the message does reach Marco at the Pella, it seems to wake something in Filip and he gives out his own speech about how it is us against them, showing that maybe he’s not so different from his father after all.

Avasarala has a look at all the footage that Monica captured during the Ceres explosions and isn’t confident about sharing them, but Monica clearly has a plan of her own mind and convinces her that the footage is a good development for their future.


  • If Cara is able to restore her brother’s life, then the Laconians will stumble upon something really groundbreaking for thier people.
  • At the moment, Rosenfeld is the only thing that’s keeping Marco from spiralling into a blind rage. Although Filip might rise up to take over too.
  • The crew is Rocinante has a very delicate balance in place right now and we could very well see a few more disagreements in the future before this run is over
  • Drummer may have just diverted Marco’s immediate attention away from the main war, and it will interesting to see how he retaliates to her blatant challenges.
  • However the U.N. decides to react towards the Ceres explosions might decide which way the tide blows in the war with Free Navy with the belters stuck in the middle.

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