The Expanse season 6 episode 3 recap: Force Projection

Things are really starting to heat up in The Expanse season 6 with some sneaky tactical ploys, the aggressive ship encounters at breakneck speed and the customary drama within the crew of every possible ship that exists out there.


The little girl on Laconia has been doing her own research on the fauna of the planet. She makes a possibly groundbreaking discovery and rushes home to tell her parents, only to be met with the tragic sight of her prone younger brother who seems to have been in an accident.

The latest episode of The Expanse then focuses on the joint fleet of the U.N., Luna and Mars as they navigate the asteroid field and storm the Ceres station and take back control.

Only after docking and meeting with the inhabitants do they realise that they’ve walked into a trap in the form of a humanitarian crisis. Marco has stripped the station of all its gear and rations, leaving the U.N to clear up his mess. Now that feels like something that has taken place in real life too.

The Rocinante is headed towards Ceres as well, and Holden hands over the watch to Clarissa so that he can get some rest. Clarissa suddenly decides she’s in confessional and bares her soul out about her past and the reason she got her mods.

Bobbie and Amos are on a lower deck discussing the garbage they’re consuming which is supposedly food. That’s when Amos gets a message from an old botanist friend of his about some breakthrough research that would be of help to Earth.

Holden and Naomi have a conversation about how she froze up before. Holden offers up the interesting problem of the disappearing ships to distract her from her PTSD. Now that does not feel like a healthy way of dealing with trauma.

Marco seems to be getting more and more arrogant by the day, waving aside the genuine concern of Rosenfeld regarding the enemy fleet. Filip on the other hand begins to show that he’s still got some honour within him by bringing up the plight of the belters at Ceres that they abandoned.

Drummer and Walker are set to rendezvous with some of Walker’s colleagues who are willing to join her fight against Marco. Josep and Michio have a difference of opinion that boils over. Yet again, there is no shortage of drama when it comes to the crews.

Marco and his ships cross paths with the Rocinante and Marco decides that this is the perfect moment for his ego to take control. They get into battle positions and the Rocinante does the same. Big mistake by Inaros.

Thanks to some silky evasive manoeuvres and efficient use of their rail gun, the Rocinante manage to temporarily disable Marco’s ship.

Bobbie wants to blow them to kingdom come but Holden disagrees. He tries to negotiate Marco’s surrender but Marco says he would rather die. Bobbie decides to grant him his wish and fires a missile but Holden secretly disarms it.

After coming out with their tail between their legs, Filip stands up to his father stating that his blood feud with Holden is not worth hindering their progress. Way to kick a man while he’s down, especially someone as narcissistic as Marco.

He relieves his son of duty and then heads to his quarters where he receives the news that one of their ships has reached Laconia and is ready to continue their experiments.


  • There is something special about Laconia, and it’s only going to be revealed to us in bits and pieces.
  • The cracks are beginning to appear in Marco Inaros’s image but with this latest development regarding experimental ships, maybe he doesn’t need to worry about that too much.
  • How the U.N. decides to deal with the crisis at Ceres station will go a long way into deciding how the rest of the belters will receive them, so they need to make sure not to screw things up
  • Naomi makes some breakthrough with the disapearing ships, but it’s still not enough for us to really know where it’s headed.
  • Drummer’s rebellion is starting to gain traction. It’ll be interesting to see where she ends up.

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