Ted Lasso season 3 episode 6 recap & review: Sunflowers

In the sixth episode of Ted Lasso season 3, after facing yet another loss in Amsterdam, Ted allows the team to freshen up and enjoy their time in the city. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


AFC Richmond loses a friendly match in Amsterdam. Jan and Roy are interviewed. Roy ignores the interviewer’s question about Zava and instead reminds him that this is a friendly match; losing here doesn’t matter.

Rebecca looks forward to hanging out with Leslie and Keeley, but Leslie has plans to visit the red light district for a date, whereas Keeley is going out with Jack to Norway. From Rebecca, Roy learns that Keeley is dating again.

Ted notices how devastated his team is right now. To lift their spirits, Ted allows them to enjoy a night out in Amsterdam. Everyone rejoices, except for Roy.

Roy pours out his frustration on Jamie. He tells him that he is not going anywhere because they will be training together. Leslie, on the other hand, continues with his plans and invites Will to join in.

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Rebecca strolls around the city all alone. A Dutchman sees her and compliments her. Rebecca doesn’t hear what he is saying. As she is standing on the bike lane, she gets pushed into the water. Rebecca loses her phone, but she is welcomed by the Dutchman into his house.

Since Ted is going to be all alone, he texts Rebecca so that they can hang out. Ted’s message never reaches her. Back at the hotel, the team discusses where they should go to spend the night.

The discussion turns into a debate as they struggle to decide where they should exactly go. On top of that, Isaac, as the captain, insists that they shouldn’t split; they should stick together as a team no matter what.

While Rebecca feels warm at the Dutchman’s house, Jamie turns his training session into a tour of Amsterdam as he makes Roy run through the whole city and educates him about the city’s notable locations.

Ted wants to come up with a strategy for his team. Beard offers Ted a special tea to help him come up with an idea. Beard leaves after drinking his tea, but Ted just couldn’t pour it down his throat.

Ted heads to an American burger joint. On his way, he stops at an art museum. The story of Vincent van Gogh’s determination and a painting at the exhibition leaves an impression on Ted.

Meanwhile, Colin excuses his team and heads to a gay bar. Trent follows him and freaks him out. Trent assures Colin that he hasn’t told anyone about his secret and shares his story of coming out. Colin gets comfortable and finally finds someone he can confide in.

During their tour of the city, Jamie learns that Roy can’t ride a bike. He offers to teach him, and they bond over time, leading Jamie to ask what has made Roy upset.

Roy reveals that Keeley has a girlfriend. Jamie drops this topic, hoping to enjoy what they are having by taking Roy to see a windmill.

Rebecca’s time at the Dutchman’s house goes unexpectedly well. She intended to leave as soon as she could, but his charm, stories, and gentleness made her stay. After locking a kiss with him in the morning, Rebecca heads back to the team.

Leslie and Will go to a jazz bar in the red-light district. Leslie even joined the jazz band to perform. Trent and Colin together enjoyed their time at the gay bar.

Back at the hotel, after deciding on a location, the team ends up arguing over which food they should order. Ultimately, they stay in and have a pillow fight for the rest of the night.

Lastly, Ted finally goes to the American burger joint, where he watches an old basketball game where the Chicago Bulls use their popular tactic called the “Triangle Offense”. Ted intends to use the same for his team.

The next day, on the bus, everyone reunites, and Ted pitches this tactic to Beard, who recognizes it as “Total Football”. At the same time, he agrees that they can try this for themselves.

Rebecca comes back and confesses to Ted that she lost her phone. Watching her state, Ted asks her if she is alright. Rebecca starts singing “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley, and the team joins her.


  • The sixth episode of Ted Lasso, despite being a filler, is a much-needed break that not only AFC Richmond but also the viewers needed. It gives a fun slice-of-life feel that one can sit back to watch and enjoy.
  • Several storylines play together through an hour-long episode. Yet, none of them overlap each other, and some even offer unexpected outcomes.
  • Watching Jamie and Roy get along isn’t what the viewers may have seen coming. Jamie somehow managed to break Roy, and Brett Goldstein, even when he is apologizing, doesn’t lose his character’s tone at all.
  • The storylines of Trent and Colin and Leslie and Will, on the other hand, were heartwarming. The viewers may have initially seen Trent as an enemy. Over time, he has proven to be a strong addition to AFC Richmond’s circle.
Ted Lasso season 3 episode 6
Ted Lasso season 3 episode 6 recap & review: Sunflowers 1

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