Ted Lasso season 3 episode 4 recap & review: Big Week

In the fourth episode of Ted Lasso season 3, AFC Richmond finally faces West Ham. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


At 4:00 am in the morning, Roy shows up at Jamie’s door, as he had promised to train him. Jamie is surprised to learn that Roy is serious about starting at 4 a.m. He is a bit lazy to start, but he gets ready.

Meanwhile, Nate is preparing his strategies to take out AFC Richmond. Ted has spent a night with Sassy. Since Michelle is also dating, Ted seems to be finding someone for himself.

Ted asks Sassy out, who says they can’t date because they both are a mess. Between them, Ted is a bigger mess, as he is way too nice. Sassy explains to him that she likes their current status as friends with benefits.

Keeley is having Shandy prepare for an absolutely great Bantr promo where she will make use of all the single AFC Richmond football players. Bantr will claim that their next match could be a popular professional football player.

While Keeley allows Shandy to go ahead, Barbara informs Keeley that Jack Danvers, the head of the VC that funded her company, is coming to London this weekend for the match. Keeley fails to remember who Jack Danvers is.

Barbara knows how Keeley can be sometimes, and that’s why she is looking forward to spending time with Jack instead of her. Rebecca lets Barbara have some seats in her suite.

Roy, Beard, and Leslie discuss the strategy they will use against West Ham. After circling around to do something unpredictable, they stick to Nate’s False Nine, assuming that Nate will not expect them to use this as this is his technique.

The only takeaway of this strategy is that Zava will have to fall back, which he may not like. Ted walks in, and he is still thinking about Sassy’s comment about him being a mess. He asks his colleagues about it too.

All the sports channels are talking about the upcoming match between AFC Richmond and West Ham. Zava believes that they should ignore them and focus on their game. It turns out that even Jamie agrees with him.

Things go south when Isaac attempts to cheer everyone up by tapping on their ‘Believe’ sign, which has been cut into two pieces. The team wonders who cut it.

Shandy shoots the promo for Bantr. While doing so, Keeley notices how much Jamie has changed over the course of time. Through security footage, Trent, Ted, Beard, and Roy learn that Nate broke into their locker room and tore that Believe sign into two pieces.

Back at West Ham, even Nate is preparing for the upcoming match and has second thoughts about whether he has wronged Ted. Rupert assures him that he hasn’t; he has earned this job; he can’t be running around Ted for the rest of his life.

Ted, on the other hand, is still disturbed by the fact that Michelle and Dr. Jacob are dating. Rebecca comforts him by asking him if he is alright.

The day of the match comes. Everyone is nervous, and so is Keeley, who will be meeting Jack sooner or later. In the washroom, an unknown woman helps Keeley, who only notices this woman’s shoes. This woman is later revealed to be none other than Jack, who is here to see the match.

Both the teams give each other tough competition, but it’s West Ham scoring two goals in a row, with the second being scored using a new strategy of Nate’s.

Rebecca comes down to push Ted a bit. While he is away, Roy and Beard show the video of Nate tearing the ‘Believe’ sign to the team so that they can fuel them.

The anger doesn’t work the right way for the team. AFC Richmond plays aggressively and receives several red cards. The match ends with West Ham winning. Only Zava scored one goal for AFC Richmond, while West Ham finished the game with four.

Roy and Beard are looking forward to Ted scolding them. Ted likes to think that they tried something new; it just didn’t work out.

Rupert was at the game with his wife, Bex. Rebecca saw Rupert taking his assistant somewhere. Bex doesn’t know what Rupert is up to, but Rebecca doesn’t expose Rupert right away. She warns him and tells him that Bex and his daughter deserve better.

Keeley spent the entire match explaining to Jack that her friends at AFC Richmond are not usually aggressive like this. Keeley is left astonished and worried when Shandy reveals that she changed the bio line of their app to something vulgar just to attract more people.

Roy visits Jamie again. This time, Jamie is well prepared for this training. It seems like fueling the players with hate toward Nate has somewhat worked.

Ted calls back home, and though Henry is not available, he decides to talk things out with Michelle. He confesses that her dating Dr. Jacob ticks him off.

Ted admits that this might be the wrong thing to say, but he needed to get this off his chest as they are going to raise a boy together. Ted says he is going to love Henry, her, and their family no matter what it looks like.


  • The fourth episode of Ted Lasso season 3 doesn’t really hype the match between AFC Richmond and West Ham to the level that is expected; it also feels rushed. Maybe it is trying to save a bigger bout for later.
  • The show continues to drop hints about Nate having a change of heart. Several times throughout the episode, viewers may notice that he desperately wants to talk things out. He is being late, and the team is growing to hate him further.
  • Keeley is facing quite a smart character in the form of Jack right now. Keeley is already struggling to run Bantr, and now she is allowing an irresponsible friend of hers to ruin her whole gig, just because she loves her, which, professionally, is a big problem.
  • The fourth episode also pushes several sub-plots through small details. For example, Trent Crimm is noticing that Colin likes men when he claims to love Zava. Then there is Jamie. He voluntarily joins Roy as he is fueled with hate for Nate; Roy and Beard’s goal to motivate the team didn’t work on the field, but it did work here.
Ted Lasso season 3 episode 4
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