Ted Lasso season 3 episode 3 recap & review: 4-5-1

In the third episode of Ted Lasso season 3, AFC Richmond deals with the arrival of Zava, who helps the team rise through the rankings. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


AFC Richmond and lots of the team’s and Zava’s fans have gathered to welcome the football star. Ted, Roy, and Beard discuss how they will position their team with Zava’s arrival.

They are obviously going to have him on the starting line, which means they will have to make someone sit out. Also, with Zava up front, Jamie or Dani must go back to midfield. Among Jamie and Dani, the coaches agree that Dani will take this news better.

Leslie is nervous to meet Zava. Ted tells him that he is going through something similar, but they don’t have to worry; they have met great players before. Ted gives the example of Roy, but even Roy admits that Zava is different.

The whole team is excited to meet Zava as well, and as expected, Jamie isn’t that pumped to have this high-profile player on this team. Zava, in true Zava fashion, doesn’t arrive on time and keeps everyone waiting.

While Leslie attempts to warm up the audience, Rebecca leaves to call Zava and scold him. Rebecca, Ted, and Keeley end up finding him at Rebecca’s office. Despite Rebecca being mad at him, the introductions start taking place.

Zava is so lost in himself that he just goes with the flow and anywhere he likes to. He makes everyone familiar with how he pursues the game and his team. He also changes the strategy the coaches have come up with and confidently puts himself upfront on the field all alone.

Rebecca meets her mother’s psychic, Tish, who makes some bold predictions for Rebecca. Tish says she saw a green matchbook in her visions and that Rebecca is going to have a family. Rebecca dismisses all of Tish’s predictions.

Back to AFC Richmond, all the spotlights are on Zava now. Keeley and her friend, Shandy, train the team for some upcoming interviews, and even she wants them to talk about Zava as that is what the press is looking for.

Things are still a bit awkward between Keeley and Roy. Shandy, on the other hand, stays way too hostile toward the man who dumped her friend.

Jamie brings up his concerns regarding Zava to Ted, Roy, and Beard. He calls Zava one of the players who are self-absorbed glory hunters who only care about themselves. He feels they have a good thing going on here, and they don’t need this guy.

Though the coaches see his gesture to be ironic, Ted suggests that they should give Zava one or two matches to prove himself. Jamie agrees and leaves after pointing out that he was being hypocritical, not ironic.

The team prepares for the upcoming game. Each and every strategy suggests that they should all allow Zava to score. During the meeting, Zava, in the corner, meditates all by himself and joins the team once he is done.

Before the game, Ted calls his home to wish good luck to his son, Henry, who is also going to have a match. Jacob Bryanson, Ted and Michelle’s marriage counselor, picks up the phone. Ted concludes that he is dating Michelle. He still wishes good luck to his son.

On the ground, Ted is about to suffer from a panic attack, but Zava makes all the goals count, giving Ted no room to fear anything.

The team stays with the same strategy for the next few games. Zava scores most of the goals. He helps the team win and rise through the ranks, disappointing the likes of Rupert and Nate, but in the process, he overshadows Jamie on the field.

Sam invites everyone to celebrate at his restaurant. Colin introduces his boyfriend, Michael, as his wingman to everyone. They keep it a secret that they are dating.

Jamie is all sad and sitting in one corner. Jamie is disappointed with Zava for taking all the spotlight. He wants to be better than him. Roy hears him and offers to train him. Once Jamie accepts it, Roy immediately starts his training.

Beard offers Ted some drinks as Ted is devastated after learning that his ex-wife is dating their ex-marriage counselor. Rebecca and Keeley stare at the people they like. They quickly forget about them and agree that there are better things ahead.

Sam starts giving everyone gifts to commemorate the evening. The gift turns out to be the green matchbook predicted by Tish, which leaves Rebecca surprised. Trent Crimm leaves after having a nice evening. On the streets, he sees Colin and Michael making out.


  • Zava doesn’t bring the drama that the viewers may have expected. Despite stealing all the spotlight, he is still a wholesome character that may irk some of the other characters in the show. When it comes to the viewers, he will leave them laughing, owing to how full of himself and oblivious he is to others.
  • The third episode, unlike the previous, does justice to its 45-minute duration. Initially, it feels like the episode could’ve ended with Zava helping the team rise, but an evening at a restaurant gives the viewers a lot to look forward to.
  • AFC Richmond has accepted Trent Crimm into their circle. That doesn’t mean that Crimm is going to highlight only what the team wants him to. The character’s face suggests that he is going to talk about Colin’s relationship in the book, which will be a lot for Colin to handle.
Ted Lasso season 3 episode 3
Ted Lasso season 3 episode 3 recap & review: 4-5-1 1

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