Strong Girl Nam-Soon season 1 episode 5 recap & review

In Strong Girl Nam-Soon, Geum-Ju meets with the vice-chairman of Opulentia, Nam-Soon has a run-in with Ryu Si-O, and Hee-Sik makes a breakthrough discovery related to the drug.


Nam-Soon has a run-in with Ryu Si-O during the night and as she asks him if he’s okay, he nudges her aside and it sends her flying away into the boxes. She’s shocked by this transgression as Si-O disappears.

Hee-Sik is tipped off that Ri Hwa-Ja is working at Doogo, as she plans to kill Nam-Soon, angry at her for ruining what she had going on at Geum-Ju’s house.

Meanwhile, Geum-Ju meets with the Opulentia higher-up, the vice-chairman who runs a food stall. Both sides are now trusting of each other and Geum-Ju is confident about her mission and collaboration with them.

Hee-Sik and team pick up after many new drug-related deaths that are on the rise all over. Hee-Sik figures out that drinking water is common among all the casualties. He stops his superior from drinking more water, saying it is what makes the drug act up and kill the consumer.

Ryu Si-O is handed over the footage of his warehouse where an incredibly strong girl is making everyone turn their heads and gasp in shock and awe. He happily grins at finally finding Nam-Soon.

Geum-Ju later tells Nam-Soon that it must be fate what happened to her and that she can’t lead a normal life as they both have to work together and save the world.

Meanwhile, the masks Hee-Sik and Nam-Soon recover from Doogo turn out to not be drugs, leading to Hee-Sik being ordered to stop his investigations into the logistics company.

When Geum-Ju learns about it, she meets him and reveals she was the one who tipped him off about the company, also asking him to continue his investigations.


  • Strong Girl Nam-Soon episode 5 shows the amount of freakish strength that the antagonist Ryu Si-O wields, which is enough to flick even Nam-Soon off like she’s a fly.
  • Nam-Soon shares with her mother what she’s been up to and how Ryu Si-O has been behind the drugs, but doesn’t delve into her confrontation with him, which seems understandable as she’s confident she can overcome him, but also a bit erroneous because Geum-Ju knowing of Si-O’s strength would be a great help.
Strong Girl Nam-Soon season 1 episode 5
Strong Girl Nam-Soon season 1 episode 5 recap & review 1

Director: Kim Jeong-Sik, Lee Kyung-Sik

Date Created: 2023-10-21 20:30

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