Strong Girl Nam-Soon season 1 episode 2 recap & review

Strong Girl Nam-Soon episode 2 sees Nam-Soon contend with the unprecedented struggles of surviving in a new country while Geum-Ju gears up for a mission she must take on for the good of the world.


After her incredible feat that goes unnoticed but saves the flight passengers, Nam-Soon’s first impressions of the Korean system and people suffer a whiplash.

First, she gets all her stuff taken away for a forensic check by Hee-Sik. She tries to keep her golden staff because it’ll help her find her mother. However, Hee-Sik promises he’ll help her find her mother, which makes Nam-Soon give it up.

She rents a great apartment for three months which she later comes to learn was part of a scam. She’s scammed out of her money as well as her passport and phone.

Hee-Sik struggles to reach out after learning her stuff is legit and and the staff is 24K gold with diamonds embedded in the middle.

Nam-Soon, meanwhile, mistakes the tents at a park to be Ger, and so she creates a huge house for herself smack dab in the middle. Later, she enters it to find a homeless couple, who lay their claim to it.

Nam-Soon befriends them and later makes another Ger for them. She eventually meets Hee-Sik who returns the staff to her and says he’ll keep her promise, before handing her his phone in case he has to contact her.

Meanwhile, Geum-Ju goes to check up on Ms. Park, who took drugs and now, because of the dosage, dies after falling from her room high up at her building.

Geum-Ju is late to the spot when the police find out that Ms. Park died because of hallucinations and yet no drugs are found in her system.

Geum-Ju is upset and reveals how she became a vigilante and did good deeds so good karma helps Nam-Soon. However, now that Korea is no longer drug-free, she plans to change the world for good.

Geum-Ju’s secretary spies on Hwa-Ja and reports her findings to her boss, revealing that she’s not her daughter.

Geum-Ju tells her to keep tailing her and Na-Young does so, later tapping into Hwa-Ja’s plan that she brews up with her accomplices, all seeking to score big with Geum-Ju’s wealth they can steal.

Geum-Ju learns about it and observes it without much care, as she’s concerned more with joining an elite club of people where she can exercise her powers to change the world. Meanwhile, Ryu Shi-Oh tests the incredibly dangerous new drug by rubbing a minuscule amount of it in his ear.

Bong-Go is closing up shop when Nam-Soon comes to him for photos for the job listings she just saw, and before he can properly look at her and realize who she is, Strong Girl Nam-Soon episode 2 rolls the credits.


  • Strong Girl Nam-Soon episode 2 sets up some of the drama pieces that are to follow in the upcoming episodes.
  • Geum-Ju continues to slay as she now takes her vigilante business to a new level, plunging into the dark abyss of elite one-percenters and potentially crossing paths with those determined to drown Korea in drugs.
  • The comedy continues to be entertaining and strong girl Nam-Soon’s feats of strength and superhuman powers are a lot entertaining as well.
  • The homeless couple are a heartwarming new addition to the ensemble while Hee-Sik and Nam-Soon’s relationship is already off to a good start.
Strong Girl Nam-Soon season 1 episode 2
Strong Girl Nam-Soon season 1 episode 2 recap & review 1

Director: Kim Jeong-sik and Lee Kyung-sik

Date Created: 2023-10-08 20:30

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