Spy x Family season 1 episode 24 recap & review

The twenty-fourth episode of ‘Spy x Family’ sees Loid working hard to assure Yor that she is not failing as a wife while Anya goes shopping with Becky. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


Since battling Fiona in a tennis match, Yor has been wondering if she has proven her worth. The neighbors observe an insecure Yor and gossip that Loid is probably cheating on her.

With Yor considering moving out of the Forger household, Loid wants to make sure that she feels worthy. He assesses that Yor is concerned about Fiona and plans to clarify that his relationship with her would not affect theirs.

Loid asks Franky to babysit Anya for the day while he takes Yor out for the night. The two sit at a bar for drinks. Before Loid could even utter a word, Yor begins to overthink.

She starts believing that Loid has brought her here to break up with her and introduce her to Fiona, who would be replacing her.

At the same time, she remembers that this marriage isn’t real and likes to think that it’s up to Loid to choose who he likes more. So she decides to accept whatever comes her way.

In order to make sure that she won’t overreact, she chugs two drinks in a row and gets drunk. Yor starts mumbling as she speaks. Loid puts everything she says together and comes to the conclusion that Yor probably has true romantic feelings for him.

Loid sees this as an opening, as it would aid him in his mission. He has taken advantage of relationships like these in the past by claiming that he loves the other person even when he doesn’t.

He chances upon the situation to express that even he has feelings for her so that he can ensure Operation Strix. The moment Loid touches her hand, Yor’s face turns red, and she ends up kicking Loid hard in the chin.

Loid realizes that he was wrong. She doesn’t have any feelings for him, and what he just faced is called rejection.

Loid fails to understand Yor’s feelings and passes out. He dreams of his mother and the lullaby she used to sing to him. Loid wakes up on Yor’s lap. She is singing the same lullaby to him.

They are at a park. A drunk Yor apologizes to Loid and blames herself for not being a good wife. Loid retells her how his mother comforted him. Though he now doesn’t remember what she looked like, his mother was his safe space.

Loid points out that Yor is just like his mother and is Anya’s safe space. She is the reason Anya is carefree and happy. Anya knows if something goes wrong, Yor will come running for her.

Loid calls Yor a wonderful mother. He clarifies that he has no intention of replacing her. Even if Fiona is involved, she certainly has no parenting skills.

Yor says that she is treating Anya just the way she treated her brother when he was a kid. Loid suggests that she has been building this skill right from when she was young, and that’s the reason she is so good at it.

Yor starts crying upon learning that Loid wants her to continue being his wife. The next day, Yor completely forgets what happened yesterday, leaving Loid no option but to explain everything from the start.

Back at the Eden Academy, Anya’s attempt to get close to Damian continues. Becky, who believes that Anya has feelings for Damian, advises Anya that she should dress beautifully to attract him.

Becky invites Anya to shop, and Loid gladly allows her to go. Loid even hands Anya some money to buy the things she likes. According to Loid, having Blackbells close would benefit his mission.

Becky and Anya go through a number of clothes only to later realize that they can only dress up at the dorm party, where even parents are allowed.

Becky notes that Loid would come to that dorm party. She leaves Anya aside and starts shopping for herself as well. Anya gets tired but assures Becky that she had a fun outing with her.

The best friends gift each other keychains and sleep together in the car on their way back home. Becky’s caretaker remembers how Becky was once a bully and how desperately she wanted to act like an adult. She didn’t have any friends, but now she has Anya.

Back home, Loid is shocked to see how costly the keychain Anya has bought is. The next day at Eden Academy, Anya and Becky came wearing those keychains on their bags. Damian sees Anya having fun and feels something for her.


  • After a number of episodes dedicated to Yor and Fiona’s relationship, an episode for Yor was a must. The fans needed Yor and Loid’s relationship readdressed, and ‘Spy x Family’ brings an episode high on the rom-com genre.
  • Yor’s overthinking continues to be funny, but what’s more hilarious is the drunk version of hers. It’s emotional and humorous at the same time.
  • Rest aside, the show sheds light on the past of Loid and even a minor character like Becky. These stories are treats if they are beautifully laid out.
  • The second plot in the episode felt like a complete waste. It is kind of expected how small fillers like these would play out. The only saving grace for this plot is Becky’s emotional past.
Spy x Family season 1 episode 24
Spy x Family season 1 episode 24 recap & review 1

Director: Yōsuke Yamamoto, Tsurumi Mukōyama

Date Created: 2022-12-17 21:00

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