Who is Fiona Frost? Spy x Family character explained

The twenty-first episode of Spy x Family introduces Fiona Frost, also known as Agent Nightfall, who is in love with Loid and wants to replace Yor as his wife.

The first time Fiona Frost came into the picture was when Loid took Anya to his workplace. Anya was working on a school project, and the hospital where Loid works was filled with WISE agents, including Fiona Frost.

Now, Slyvia has a new mission for Loid, but this time around, he will be working with Fiona Frost. They will have to execute the mission carefully without harming Operation Strix.

While the mission is definitely a priority, Fiona Frost is also quite interested in joining Operation Strix, especially because she desires to be close to Loid.

Fiona assesses the Forgers

In order to inform Loid about the mission, Fiona paid the Forger household a visit. She claimed that she thought of delivering Anya’s magnifying glass, which she forgot back at the hospital.

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Fiona immediately started analyzing and interrogating Yor, wondering whether she is fit to be Loid’s wife or not. Fiona voluntarily making a move would hurt the mission, so she needs to make sure that Yor will leave on her own accord.

When Anya meets Fiona, she reads her mind and initially suspects that Fiona and Loid are rivals. As it turns out, Fiona’s feelings reveal that she is in fact in love with him.

Who is Fiona Frost? Spy x Family character explained 1
Fiona Frost observes the Forgers

Anya continues to read Fiona’s mind and finds out how obsessed she is with the idea of being Loid’s wife. On top of that, she also wants to be a strict mother when it comes to treating Anya.

Anya fears Fiona and tries to secure her mother’s position by claiming that she won’t ask for a better family than the one she has.

Even Yor is encouraged by Anya’s feelings. She declares that she will try her best. Loid, on his side, suggests that Yor is already doing that, and he wants nothing more from her.

The working relationship between Fiona and Loid

Fiona certainly takes note of everything Loid likes and dislikes. She has observed him over the years they have worked together. She quickly notices when Yor serves Loid coffee with milk.

Though Fiona knows that Loid doesn’t like milk, he takes some of it to avoid the damage that comes to his stomach. Fiona wonders if Loid has changed for Yor and comes to the conclusion that he is playing a character for the sake of Operation Strix.

When Loid expresses his feelings towards Yor, assuring her that she is doing alright, Fiona believes that he is faking his smile.

A flashback scene shows Loid training Fiona as her mentor. He talks about hiding one’s true feelings if one wants to be a spy. She remembers the different personas Loid has adhered to over the years.

Fiona is left impressed and falls more for Loid. She later informs him about their mission when he comes chasing her to hand her an umbrella as it was raining outside.

Fiona promised herself that she would be a more compatible wife for Loid and that she would prove it during their next mission.

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