Silo season 1 episode 7 recap & review: The Flamekeepers

In the seventh episode of Silo, Juliette searches for George’s Aunt Gloria, hoping that she will have answers to what she is looking for. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Gloria is locked in a room and dreams about being on a beach with her family before being injected with a sedative. Juliette is still reading George’s hidden book. She sees Gloria’s name on it and goes through the files she has on her.

The people watching the Silo are none other than Judicial. Sims is their boss, who is terrified to see what Juliette has discovered. He doesn’t order direct action but tells his associates to keep following Juliette.

The next day, Juliette decides not to attend the meeting she has with the mayor and goes looking for Gloria. Billings is put in charge while she is away.

Since Juliette needs permission from Judge Meadows to take Gloria on a walk, she heads to the Judicial. Unfortunately, Judge Meadows is not available, as she is sick and resting at home.

While Juliette is away, a mob breaks out. The people’s sheriff was not available. Billings and other deputies had to work together to stop the mob, and Billings had to lie for Juliette in front of the mayor.

Billings pours out his frustration on Juliette and questions why she is neglecting her duties and disrespecting the badge. Juliette finally tells him why she took this job in the first place: to investigate George’s murder.

After hearing Juliette’s rant, Billings tells her how she can reopen the investigation using the relic they found at Trumbull’s house. Juliette promises to meet the mayor. She also inquires about where Judge Meadows lives.

Juliette meets Lukas in the cafeteria. They get to know each other. Juliette asks him whether he has seen anything strange in the sky. He says he once saw a light move across the sky and disappear. Lukas tries to kiss Juliette, but she backs away.

Juliette goes back home and sees information on constellations in George’s book. Later, as promised, Juliette meets Bernard, who has been warned not to intervene in the Judicial’s investigation again like he did the last time to defend Juliette, or else he will be removed from the position of mayor.

Juliette and Bernard need something they can use against Judge Meadows, and whatever Juliette is onto, she needs to get to the bottom of the truth before Bernard is removed from his position.

Juliette pays a visit to Meadows to question why Gloria is being held captive against her will. The file says they are keeping Gloria because she said something that made Allison go out to clean.

Juliette offers to turn her badge in by the end of the week if Meadows lifts the medical order on Gloria. Meadows discloses that this can’t happen because someone above them is watching.

Juliette heads to her father, Dr. Pete. She convinces him to help her. Pete quietly brings Gloria to the nursery and gives her something to reverse the sedation. Although Gloria goes through a seizure, Pete and Juliette save her.

Gloria wakes up sometime later, and she recognizes Pete as the doctor who didn’t let her have babies. She claims he is working with the ones watching them. Pete is asked to leave the room.

Juliette shows Gloria George’s book, and Gloria tells Juliette about the Flamekeepers, the people who fought back against the officials at Silo and tried to preserve their history. Gloria also recognizes Juliette as Hanna Nichols’ daughter.

Though Juliette’s mother was not a Flamekeeper, she shared the same curiosity. Gloria wonders why she was allowed to have babies. After all, Juliette’s mother asked questions too.

Outside, Juliette confronts Pete for tricking pregnant women and for working with these unknown officials at Silo. Pete defends himself by stating that he was told this is necessary for the long-term survival of humans. Juliette still despises Pete for not questioning why they had to lie to these women.

Juliette takes Gloria back to her room. Gloria asks for George’s book one last time. She also notices that the flowers in front of her mirror are missing. The last time Holston visited her, he kept flowers in front of the mirror before working on the vent.

Juliette thinks there is a connection here. Even in her room, there are flowers kept in front of the mirror. She also remembers the note Holston left for her that talked about these mirrors.

Juliette deduces that they are being watched through the mirrors. After putting a blanket on the mirror, Juliette sees what’s inside the vent. There, she finds George’s hard disk.

Meanwhile, Sims watches Juliette cover the mirrors and block their view. Sims realizes that Juliette now knows there are cameras. He orders the raiders to be sent. Before Juliette can leave, Gloria tells her that she is the last Flamekeeper. Juliette then escapes. The raiders arrive and find Juliette missing.


  • The reveal that the people watching the Silo are Judicial is a bit disappointing. However, it can still be said that Silo is on the right track, considering that the show is not trying anything over-the-top just to please its viewers and create more hype and mysteries. It stays inside its lane and world.
  • Silo‘s formula of disclosing a few intriguing things at a time has kept the show alive. The final moments of the seventh episode raise the stakes and make the world of Silo more hostile than ever, especially for the character of Juliette.
  • Gloria’s part in the episode felt useless. She talked a lot about the history of Silo. Unfortunately, she doesn’t give any important information to Juliette. It’s Juliette who had to connect the dots for the most part.
Silo season 1 episode 7
Silo season 1 episode 7 recap & review: The Flamekeepers 1

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