Silo season 1 episode 6 recap & review: The Relic

In the sixth episode of Silo, Juliette investigates the death of Trumbull and discovers something unexpected about George. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Juliette and Billings break into Trumbull’s apartment to investigate why he targeted Marnes. There, they discover a relic that belongs to George. It is the same Pez dispenser that Juliette has, and it seems like she has planted it here to reopen the investigation.

Juliette doesn’t take this relic to Judicial right away. She searches for it in the database. Billings expresses his concerns, considering that keeping an illegal relic beyond the 12-hour window from discovery to its Judicial handoff is a serious crime.

Juliette has also read some parts of the Pact, and now she knows that she can start an investigation into the relic if it is associated with a serious crime. First, she needs the Judicial’s approval to kick off the investigation.

Sims allows Juliette to run the investigation as long as she takes Billings along with her. Juliette and Billings first visit Patrick Kennedy. Juliette saved his life last time, so he owes her. After putting immense pressure on him, Kennedy finally opens up and gives them one name of a relic dealer: Regina Jackson.

Regina instantly recognizes Wilkins’ watch on Juliette’s hand because it belonged to her boyfriend, who is none other than George Wilkins himself. Regina isn’t in possession of any relics. If she ever had any, she bought them for George.

Regina comes from a big family. Therefore, buying so many relics was justified. George used her to get to those relics. When asked if their relationship was sanctioned, Regina reveals that George doesn’t spend forever with anyone.

Once George’s job with Regina was done, he went to Down Deep to see if someone else can aid him. Before Billings and Juliette can leave, Regina asks Juliette if she believed George when he said he loved her.

Juliette doesn’t answer, but she now doubts whether she should really give everything to investigate George’s death. Flashbacks reveal that she worked hard to fix his watch just so that she can see him smile. Juliette wonders if George was using her too.

Meanwhile, Sims looks for the Pez dispenser in the Judicial’s database, which is kept away from other residents of Silo. He learns that it last belonged to George Wilkins.

Sims accuses Juliette of planting that evidence in Trumbull’s apartment. Bernard protects Juliette by claiming that Trumbull may have stumbled upon that relic while investigating George and kept it for himself.

Once Bernard and Sims leave, Billings confronts Juliette for quickly naming him as the person who found the relic when Judicial almost caught her. He questions why she can’t be honest with him.

Juliette then reveals that she knows he has the Syndrome and is hiding it. He is the one who is not being honest. He is not reporting himself and is working on a job he is not qualified for.

Back home, Billings worries if his Syndrome has passed on to his baby. Meanwhile, after thinking about George’s intentions, Juliette calls Martha and lets her know that she is coming back home.

Juliette thinks investigating George’s death isn’t worth it now that she knows the kind of person he is. Martha reminds her that love made her do the right thing and that anger should not make her give up.

Juliette visits Regina at night and accuses her of being the rat who gave up George. Regina then reveals that she didn’t tell Judicial anything. She talked to the man who knows everything.

This man came at night and knew everyone Regina met the whole day. He threatened to kill her family members if she didn’t give him the names of the relic dealers. George didn’t care for Regina, so she didn’t think before speaking to save her family.

Before leaving, Juliette asks what George gave up for the hard drive. Regina then shows Juliette a bag that has a relic from before Silo. It was passed down to George by his family. Juliette shouldn’t talk about what she is about to discover because this will get her killed.

Back home, Juliette opens the bag and finds a book named Amazing Adventures in Georgia. It is a travel guide for kids that mentions various destinations and has beautiful pictures of the outside world.

As Juliette goes through the book, it is revealed that two men are watching her and the whole Silo through cameras. One of them suggests to the other that they should wake their boss up.


  • Every other episode makes Silo, the place, more mysterious and scary. The mere mention of a relic from before the Silo evokes fear in a viewer’s mind at this point. They have built the environment in such a way that viewers will get worried if one of the main characters tries to cross the line.
  • The sixth episode now hints at the possibility that the people inside the Silo are being experimented on. Furthermore, it successfully manages to scare the viewers by mentioning a threatening individual the main characters and viewers haven’t met yet.
  • Rebecca Ferguson continues to put forth a convincing performance. The sixth episode saw her doubting George, and one can feel the uncertainty inside her.
Silo season 1 episode 6
Silo season 1 episode 6 recap & review: The Relic 1

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