Shrinking season 1 episode 4 recap & review: Potatoes

In episode 4 of Shrinking, Jimmy has a rough day with his patients and all that frustration builds up until he lets it all out unintentionally. The episode is streaming on Apple TV+.


Liz apologizes to Jimmy for getting him in trouble with Paul. Jimmy says it is alright but is still a bit annoyed by her actions.

Paul is having his daughter over for a couple of hours since she has a layover. He heads in to work with Gabby while Jimmy drives to work with Sean. Everyone appears to be in generally good spirits.

Jimmy tries to get Sean to talk about his time in Afghanistan but Sean says he doesn’t want to. Jimmy talks to Paul and Gaby about this and Paul says that it is partly Jimmy’s fault for complicating their relationship and letting him stay at his house.

He then says that he will not talk to Jimmy about his patients anymore. Brian shows up at the office to talk to Paul as he handles his estate affairs and wanted to drop off the latest revisions.

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Paul mentions that he is meeting his daughter and Brian says that she can sign his medical power of attorney while she’s here. Paul says he won’t bring it up as his daughter doesn’t know about his Parkinson’s.

Gaby is over at Jimmy’s house spending some time with Alice and Liz comes over to mention that her son Connor is visiting from college later, leading to a tense exchange between her and Gaby.

Jimmy visits his patient, Wally’s house so that he can help her out with her OCD but it goes terribly. Alice tells Gaby that she slept with Connor before he left for college and Gaby confirms that she had the sex talk with her mother.

Jimmy heads back home to find Gaby and Alice chatting and Gaby encourages Alice to tell her dad about Connor. Jimmy promised he would be cool about it but he doesn’t take it well and heads to the roof.

He sees Liz on her roof and she tries to talk to him about whatever is going on but he gets so frustrated that he tells her exactly what he found out before saying some pointedly mean things to her.

Paul has a wonderful time with his daughter but he doesn’t end up telling her about his condition. Connor arrives home and immediately heads out to meet his friends, much to Liz’s disappointment.

Sean sees Jimmy back at home and Jimmy once again tries to force the issue of Sean opening up and Sean storms off. Gaby goes over to Liz’s place to comfort her because she heard what Jimmy said and believes she didn’t deserve to hear that.

Brian goes over to Paul’s house to collect the documents and finds out that Paul didn’t tell her about his condition. He tries to get Paul to discuss why but Paul doesn’t.

Jimmy has a civil conversation with Connor while trying his best to keep his composure. He sends him on his way and then apologizes to Liz from across the yard. She’s in her backyard having a drink with Gaby and they invite him over.

They all have a fun time and the two ladies tell Jimmy that he needs to be worried about Alice spending too much time around Sean because he’s a beautiful man and Alice is a horny teenage girl who cannot be controlled.

Jimmy heads to the poolhouse to make up with Sean and they sit and watch the game together before passing out on the couch. Alice comes to check if Sean is awake and doesn’t see her father there as she comments to herself about how beautiful Sean is.

As she heads back to the house, a glimpse of Jimmy’s face shows how terrified he is to hear this.


  • The cast shares such a great dynamic and no matter what combination of characters are on screen together, it always produces a delightful scene.
  • Harrison Ford continues to be hilarious as the grumpy old man who says what he wants without coming off as obnoxious. It’s more endearing than anything else.
  • Jason Segel plays Jimmy so well and the character’s growth appears to be slow but gradual as he figures out what works and what doesn’t when it comes to his life and his career.
Shrinking season 1 episode 4
Shrinking season 1 episode 4 recap & review: Potatoes 1

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