She-Hulk: Attorney at Law season 1 episode 7 recap & review: The Retreat

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law on Disney+ chronicles the life of Jennifer Walters. A lawyer and cousin to Bruce Banner, she transforms into a gigantic green superhero herself after Bruce’s blood comes into contact with her.


Jen is getting ready for her day as she receives a text from Josh that he’s arriving soon. Jen is in good spirits because of how things are developing with Josh.

What follows is a montage of them spending time together and keeping in touch during the week until Josh spends the night at Jen’s place on Thursday. When Jen wakes up the next day, Josh has already left so Jen texts him that she enjoyed the night together.

It’s halfway through Friday and Jen still hasn’t received a response from Josh she obsesses over it until Nikki tells her to set a limit for herself. It’s Sunday morning and Jen is woken up by a call from Emil Blonsky’s parole officer.

He tells Jen that there’s been some malfunction with Blonsky’s inhibitor and he needs to go up to the retreat where he’s confined and he asks her to come as a safety in case Blonsky has gone all Abomination.

She makes the drive out to the retreat while still wondering why she hasn’t heard from Josh. The officer asks Jen to turn into her She-Hulk form while he checks Blonsky’s device. Blonsky says that he was electrocuted by the fence while trying to save his favourite chicken.

The officer recalibrates the device and rushes off since he’s afraid to be there. Blonsky walks Jen to her car and she can’t wait to leave but one of the residents is thrown into her car while he’s fighting another.

Blonsky introduces Jen to Man-Bull and El Aguila who were working on their issues in a safe space but now Jen is stranded till the tow truck arrives. Blonsky tries to get Jen to open up but she’s more focused on getting a signal on her phone.

Jen roams around the property until she arrives at a barn where she gets a single bar. It also happens to be the space where the residents of the retreat sit down in a sharing circle. Jen is introduced to Saracen and Porcupine and also invited to join their circle.

She denies the invitation and says that she’ll just stay in the corner working on her phone while she still has a signal. The others continue to talk about their issues when Wrecker walks in, praising the effects of the sweat yurt.

Jen is shocked to see him and quickly reminds the audience that he was one of the people who attacked her near her apartment. Jen turns into She-Hulk and throws him to the corner while everyone else watches on disapprovingly.

They point out that she’s clearly going through something and this is the perfect place to work through that issue. She joins the circle along with Wrecker who starts by apologising to Jen for his past actions.

Jen takes a while but eventually opens up about the situation with Josh. She talks about how Josh was the first person in a long time who showed interest in Jen and wasn’t bothered about She-Hulk.

The others help her realise that she needs to start spending more time with Jen herself and enjoying it before others can appreciate her. They also offer to attack Josh but Wrecker becomes the voice of reason and offers emotional support to Jen instead.

They convince her that there are tons of people in the world who like Jen for her human form and she shouldn’t feel so insecure. It ends with Jen taking a session inside the sweat yurt before it’s time to leave with the tow truck.

Blonsky sends her off with some last words of encouragement and an open invitation to come back anytime but she says while she did enjoy her time, she’d rather not come back. She gets into the truck and her face turns from momentary worry to relief.

The scene shifts to three days earlier when Josh spent the night. He’s seen copying the data from Jen’s phone while she’s asleep. He then clicks a picture of her while texting someone else a bunch of emojis, one of which is a syringe with blood, implying that he’s part of the Intelligencia group that wants her blood sample.


  • Episode 7 has just the single fourth wall break when Jen reminds everyone who Wrecker is but apart from that, they decide to stick to telling her story without interruptions which is a nice change of pace for the series.
  • While the first few episodes all included a post-credits scene that added a little spark to them, the last three chose not to have them and rather end the episode itself on a cliffhanger. While that has annoyed the more toxic section of the fandom, it shows that the creators didn’t want to stick to the usual MCU tropes that are synonymous with the franchise.
  • The fact that Wrecker apologises to Jen but doesn’t tell her that he was hired to get her blood sample feels like a minor plot hole which is conveniently ignored for the sake of story progression. This is quite common in the MCU and shows no sign of letting up when there are countless hours of canon to worry about.
  • The eclectic group of individuals at the retreat created a fun dynamic for this episode and it is enjoyable to watch them help Jen work through her self-confidence crisis.
She-Hulk: Attorney at Law season 1 episode 7
She-Hulk: Attorney at Law season 1 episode 7 recap & review: The Retreat 1

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