Servant season 4 episode 4 recap & review: Boo

The fourth episode of Servant season 4 sees Leanne hunting down the Church of the Lesser Saints members on the street during Halloween. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Leanne remembers her mother and talks about the dreams she is having where there is a black shadow haunting the Turner household. Somehow she knows she is that black shadow.

She hurts people when she gets angry, and unlike before, she is now starting to like how she feels about this. Dorothy watches her old videos where she hosted Halloween specials for her TV channel.

The in-house nurses, Roberta and Beverly, go through Dorothy’s mother’s stuff, hoping to find a costume for Jericho. The kids outside have wrecked Julian’s car. An angry Julian claims that he hates this holiday as he walks inside the house.

Sean is decorating the whole house to make Dorothy like him. Julian suggests that as long as they are on Team Leanne, Dorothy will never like Sean again.

Sean is surprised to hear this, as he never said that he is on Team Leanne. The in-house nurses present Jericho to Dorothy in a pumpkin costume, which doesn’t leave an impression on her.

The nurses vow to make things right. So they ask Dorothy what Jericho wore last year. Dorothy becomes disoriented while recalling Jericho’s costume.

The nurses give Dorothy her space. They hit the nearby stores to see what costume would be a great fit for Jericho. Sean decorates the house and gets approval from Dorothy.

Leanne observes some of the new neighbors through the cameras. She is expecting the members of her cult to use the festival of Halloween to disguise themselves and attack her.

Leanne looks forward to making the first move. She offers Dorothy’s mother’s costumes to her homeless followers. She plans to go hunting tonight and needs them on the street just in case things don’t go according to her plan.

Roberta and Beverly bring Jericho in a lobster costume. Though Dorothy is happy to see Jericho in that costume, her face tells that something is bothering her.

Dorothy confesses that she can’t remember Jericho’s first costume. She wonders what kind of mother forgets such a thing. If that isn’t enough, she also claims that she is struggling to remember a whole portion of her life.

She thinks this isn’t normal, and this scares her. The nurses calm her down and explain to her that the brain can’t hold every memory. Sean then enters the room to take Jericho for a ride. He promises to FaceTime Dorothy while he is out.

During their stroll across the neighborhood, Sean notices a strange person in a white ghost costume staring at them. The person disappears seconds later when Sean sees him.

Leanne puts on makeup and dresses up as a creepy doll. She even scares a kid like no one else by dragging him inside the house and telling him what candy will do to him.

A person wearing a skull mask stares at Leanne from outside. Leanne suspects him to be a part of the cult. The person reveals himself to be Tobe.

He tags along with Leanne as they take a walk around the neighborhood. Leanne intends to meet all the new neighbors, hoping to rat out the members of the cult that are hiding.

Right after the first visit to a neighbor, she asks Tobe to go to his party. A person in a costume like Tobe’s follows Leanne around. She soon realizes that this person isn’t Tobe.

Instead of running away, she attacks the person directly and breaks his arm right away when they show a knife. The kid in the costume cries and explains that he was just trying to pull a prank on her.

The person in the ghost costume keeps an eye on Leanne, who shows off her power to a kid when the lights on the streets start bursting.

Roscoe watches all of this in shock and meets the person in the ghost costume. That person reveals himself to be Uncle George. He claims that Leanne is spreading her ideas and even going after children.

They need to stop her. He needs Roscoe, as he has kept them close to the family, and this family is the only way to reach Leanne. Uncle George says certain pieces are already in place, and he believes the Turners will be ready to help them.

Sean rethinks what Julian said earlier. When Leanne comes back home, he tries to explain to her that he owes her a lot.

Sean wants her to leave for Dorothy to like him back, but Leanne reminds him that he has made a choice and that he needs to deal with its consequences.

Sean then visits Dorothy and assures her that he is prepared to do everything to get rid of Leanne if that’s what it will take for him to win her back.


  • The fourth episode of Servant season 4 highlights the slow pace the show struggles with. The episode hardly has anything going on, and though it is meant to build things up, it doesn’t have anything that would excite the viewers.
  • The episode does shift tides. It paints Leanne as the villain, and now it seems like the Church of the Lesser Saints is right about her.
  • Overall, the Halloween sets are impressive. Leanne is already acting like a threatening figure, and that makeup of hers makes her look more terrifying. This episode feels like a missed opportunity where the show could’ve established what we can expect in the next set of episodes.
Servant season 4 episode 4
Servant season 4 episode 4 recap & review: Boo 1

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