Servant season 4 episode 2 recap & review: Itch

The second episode of Servant season 4 sees Leanne attempting to reconcile with Dorothy while a bug infestation takes over the neighborhood. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


In bed, Dorothy is dying to reunite with her son. She can hear him cry but can’t get up and walk down the stairs to meet him. Sean has an interview with GQ. He is planning not to go so that he can care for Dorothy.

Leanne argues with Sean over what Dorothy needs. She insists that he should go for the interview. They can handle things for one morning.

Leanne brings Dorothy everything she needs and assures her that she is going to be there for her. However, Dorothy doesn’t want Leanne around her.

Leanne asks Julian to prepare a dish for Dorothy. Julian confesses that he feels they shouldn’t be together while Dorothy is around. Since Dorothy is healing and Sean is at work, Leanne likes to think that they should look after the house as a couple.

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Leanne makes her own rules around Dorothy. She shows Dorothy what she has done with Jericho’s old clothes. She has made a bedsheet out of them, something a mother should be doing.

Dorothy realizes that she has missed a lot of time with her baby and that Leanne is completely replacing her. She continues to stay hostile toward Leanne.

Leanne apologizes for the blanket and tries to convince Dorothy that what happened at the staircase was an accident. She allows Dorothy to meet Jericho.

The moment Dorothy mentions that she envisions herself alone with Jericho in the future, Leanne immediately takes the baby away from her. When Leanne does that, Dorothy lets Leanne know that she hates her.

Tobe is around while Sean is out for the interview. He tells Leanne that it is best to show people that you trust them. In order to win Dorothy’s trust back, Leanne plans to gift her flowers.

Kourtney arrives at the house to have a conversation with Dorothy. Leanne intends to enter Dorothy’s room so that she can give her flowers, but Dorothy straight asks Kourtney to close the door on her.

Sean comes back home, claiming that Dorothy called him. Outside, the exterminators have gathered. Bedbugs have infested the neighborhood.

Upon investigating their own house, Sean, Julian, and Kourtney find out that they have also become victims of the infestation. Dorothy had earlier claimed that she felt itchy. The bedbugs are to blame.

Frank arrives with suits so that the Turners can take care of the infestation. Leanne is all alone with Dorothy. She helps to shave her legs, but Dorothy doesn’t want to be alone with her.

She kicks her, and in return, Leanne leaves her leg half-shaved and forcefully tries to put lipstick on Dorothy’s face. Dorothy bites her for doing that.

Frank and Julian sit down and talk about each other’s partners. After that conversation, Julian wonders if Leanne makes him happy.

Julian approaches Leanne, and she confesses that it doesn’t matter how much she gives them. They all stay miserable. Moments later, Julian notices the roof of the house cracking.

Leanne continues to aid Dorothy, but it backfires. They finally indulge in a conversation where Dorothy tells Leanne that she knows who she is now; she is evil, which is why things aren’t the same anymore.

Leanne then lets Dorothy know how much Sean and Julian are afraid of her. Even if Dorothy screams, they will not come for her just because Leanne is in the room with her.

In an attempt to find an exterminator to help them fight the infestation, Julian goes out, where he crosses paths with a homeless follower of Leanne. She informs him that bedbugs are a signal that Leanne’s gifts are growing and that she is shielding their family.

Julian dismisses her beliefs, stating that they are having hygiene problems and that it’s not voodoo.

At night, it heavily rains. Uncle George arrives at the neighborhood and asks the people around how many houses have been infected. He then starts praying right in the middle of the road.

Back at the Turner household, Leanne meets Dorothy’s new live-in nurses. She hired them with the help of Kourtney. They will aid her throughout her recovery. Dorothy no longer needs Leanne to comfort her.


  • The show continues to instill the idea that Leanne is taking over the Turner household step by step. She is more like the most important person in the family now, a fact that Dorothy can’t digest.
  • Leanne tries to mend things with Dorothy, but the latter is incredibly hostile toward her. Their exchanges are quite brutal and hard to watch. Certainly, things have changed completely compared to the first season.
  • The bedbug infestation and all the supernatural beliefs surrounding it form an eerie atmosphere in the episode that is quite scary in itself.
  • Servant continues to stay away from details. Though the episode has been executed well without them, it’s high time that it should start explaining the powers around Leanne, as this is the final season.
Servant season 4 episode 2
Servant season 4 episode 2 recap & review: Itch 1

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