See You in My 19th Life season 1 episode 4 recap & review: The Inability to Forget About the One You Long For

In the fourth episode of See You in My 19th Life, Seo-ha gets reminded of Ju-won when he spends time with Ji-eum. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


In Ji-eum’s third life, she tried to reunite with her mother from her past life after regaining the memories of that life. However, her mother did not recognize her. Her mother did not believe her when she claimed to be her dead daughter.

Ju-won’s mother had also questioned her about her strange behavior once Ju-won remembered her past lives. Ju-won could not tell her anything because of her past experience, but she did tell her mother that she will come back to see her even if she died, as she never had a mother like her.

In the present, when Ji-eum calls Seo-ha by his name and he thinks of Ju-won, she reminds him that she is Ji-eum and that she likes him. Cho-won’s mother comes out of her house at that moment, and Seo-ha runs away from there with Ji-eum.

Ji-eum tells Seo-ha about her mother, who abandoned her when she was a child. Even then, Ji-eum was busy earning a living to be upset about her mother leaving.

Ji-eum concludes that Seo-ha must have come there to visit Cho-won, so she tells him that he does not need to push himself too hard, as Cho-won knows how to be patient and will wait for him.

The two of them then grab something to eat. Ji-eum points out that he smiles a lot when he is with her, and Seo-ha admits that Ji-eum is fun. She also makes a remark about being reborn, which makes him think of Ju-won telling him that she has lived other lives.

After sending Seo-ha home, Ji-eum walks past a man and feels something that makes her look back. The man later goes to see a dancer named Han-na, who claims that she has been closely watching some people.

Seo-ha keeps thinking about Ji-eum. He goes to stay at Do-yun’s house, who notes that Seo-ha has changed. He believes that Ji-eum is good for Seo-ha, as being in Korea no longer upset him. At night, Seo-ha remembers Ji-eum’s comment about being reborn.

Ji-eum tells Ae-gyeong that she keeps getting involved with her family from her past life. She thinks that Seo-ha needs someone who will help him forget Ju-won, so she plans to be with him as Ji-eum, not Ju-won. 

Ae-gyeong asks her to be honest with him and tell him the truth, but she also knows that Ji-eum is scared of his reaction.

Seo-ha and Do-yun visit Cho-won to discuss the landscaping contract with her. Ji-eum also comes there, and the memories of last night make Cho-won ask her if she has met her before because she feels like they have known each other for a long time.

Cho-won does not remember telling Ji-eum to drop her at her parents’ house, and when Ji-eum claims that she did do that, Cho-won finds it strange. 

Ji-eum informs Seo-ha that she is going to ask him out three times. If Seo-ha says no every time, then she will stop pursuing him. Meanwhile, Cho-won asks Do-yun out on a date, but he refuses because he does not think that she is right for him.

Seo-ha sees Ms. Jang’s son at the hotel, even though he had blacklisted him. Seo-ha has him thrown out by security. He also goes to Ms. Jang and informs her that he knows something. He now plans to check the hotel’s budget documents from the last three years.

Seo-ha keeps thinking about Ji-eum and then sees her running from her older brother, Dong-u, who has been asking her for money. Seo-ha follows them and tries to stop them from fighting.

Once Dong-u leaves, Seo-ha drinks with her. He intends to listen to her talk about her problems. While he ends up drunk, Ji-eum is completely sober. A drunk Seo-ha wonders why Ji-eum reminds him of Ju-won.

Seo-ha ends up telling Ji-eum about the car accident and how Ju-won died protecting him. It took some time to get him out of the car, and he was forced to feel Ju-won’s body getting cold. Due to that, he had a hard time touching people.

Meanwhile, Do-yun meets with Seo-ha’s father. As Do-yun was the one who got Seo-ha the budget documents, he informs his father that things might get messy between Seo-ho and Ms. Jang. 

Seo-ha’s father also asks him about Ji-eum, but Do-yun assures him that she does not seem to be the type of person who would cause trouble. Seo-ha’s father tries to give him money again, but he does not take it. In fact, he makes him angry by questioning him about the reason for being called back to Korea. 

Ji-eum tries to take an asleep Seo-ha home and calls Cho-won for help when she fails to do it by herself. She then tells Cho-won that Seo-ha cannot sit in the backseat or drive because of the accident.

When Ji-eum tucks Seo-ha in, he wakes up and is again reminded of Ju-won. He stops her from leaving him and calls her by Ju-won’s name.


  • This episode sees Seo-ha starting to fall in love with Ji-eum and so it is full of moments that are sweet but amusing at the same time. One cannot help but get invested in Seo-ha and Ji-eum’s love story.
  • This episode also gives brief glimpses of Ji-eum’s past lives. While some of these scenes aim to make the audience understand why Ji-eum is so hesitant to share her secret with anyone, the others are meant to entertain the audience, and they do serve their purpose.
  • The audience is also introduced to two mysterious characters who might know something about Ji-eum’s reincarnations. They certainly pique the viewers’ curiosity and will keep them waiting for the next episode.
See You in My 19th Life season 1 episode 4
See You in My 19th Life season 1 episode 4 recap & review: The Inability to Forget About the One You Long For 1

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