See You in My 19th Life season 1 episode 3 recap & review: The Agony of Parting With the One You Love

In the third episode of See You in My 19th Life, Ji-eum confesses her feelings to Seo-ha and bonds with Cho-won. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


After Seo-ha visits Ju-won’s grave on her death anniversary, Ji-eum helps him feel better by making him stand under a flowering tree. She asks him to think of these flowers whenever his past trauma haunts him. 

She then flirts with him and claims that he will fall in love with her. She is not swayed, even when Seo-ha tells her that she is not his type. As they are driving away from there, Seo-ha once again has a panic attack when he sees a truck and gets reminded of the accident.

Ji-eum helps him calm down, but this makes her think about the pain of those she left behind in her past lives. She remembers her 17th life in which she was Ae-gyeong’s uncle. When she died, Ae-gyeong was just 10 and had no one to take care of her.

She had promised Ae-gyeong that she will return, and she now thanks her for living through everything. Ae-gyeong then reminds her that since it is Ju-won’s death anniversary, it should also be Seo-ha’s birthday.

This makes Ji-eum run to Seo-ha’s house in the rain. She remembers that when she was Ju-won, she had told Seo-ha that she will come back to see him right before she died, but Seo-ha had not heard her. She had also promised to tell him her feelings for him on his birthday, which she never got to do.

As his birthday coincides with Ju-won’s death anniversary, Seo-ha does not celebrate it because it reminds him of her death. He grew up blowing the candles on his birthday cakes that the staff brought for him with no one by his side and no happiness either.

He gets surprised when Ji-eum comes to visit him and confesses that she likes him. She believes that it is the right time to confess to him and that she cannot miss this opportunity again.

She then sees Cho-won at his house, and Seo-ha asks her to leave without giving her a reply. He also asks Cho-won to leave, but she wants him to stop pushing her away. On her way out, Cho-won runs into Ji-eum, who asks her if she likes Seo-ha but fails to get a definite answer.

Ji-eum discusses her reincarnation with Ae-gyeong. It is different every time Ji-eum dies, but it is rare to be reincarnated right after dying like it happened to her this time. Ji-eum thinks that her previous life was cut short and that she might have been murdered.

Ji-eum’s father is an alcoholic, and he is looking for her. He goes to her older brother, Dong-u, to ask him about her, but her brother does not seem to like him much.

The next day, Ji-eum apologizes to Seo-ha for confessing to him when he was upset, and Cho-won gets a call from Do-yun about the hotel’s landscaping contract without him knowing that the person he has selected is Cho-won.

Seo-ha finds out that the budget proposal for the hotel’s renovation has been rejected and meets his uncle regarding the same. His uncle then introduces him to potential investors. There, Ji-seok insults Do-yun’s dead father, and Seo-ha defends him.

Cho-won comes to the hotel to meet Seo-ha about the landscaping. Seo-ha does not react well when he sees Cho-won there, and Cho-won leaves the place in tears. Ji-eum goes to comfort her, and Cho-won tells her that she just wants to bring the hotel back to life.

Ji-eum then takes her out for dinner, as she misses her sister and wants to spend time with her. Cho-won tells Ji-eum about Ju-won, not knowing that Ji-eum is Ju-won. She also tells her about falling in love at first sight. It turns out that she is in love with Do-yun, not Seo-ha. 

Do-yun lost his father at a very young age and has been taking care of his brother, Do-jin, since then. He saw Cho-won crying at Ju-won’s funeral on the day of his father’s funeral. In school, when Seo-ha and Do-yun were not friends, Seo-ha asked him to give an umbrella to Cho-won, who instantly fell in love with Do-yun. 

Ji-eum goes to drop a drunk Cho-won at her parents’ house but avoids meeting her mother. For a minute, she imagines that her mother has recognized her and is now hugging her. Ji-eum thinks that she is crying in her mother’s arms.

Seo-ha, who feels guilty for treating Cho-won badly, comes to Cho-won’s parents’ house and sees Ji-eum acting strange. He approaches her, and when she calls him by his name, he is reminded of Ju-won.


  • While Ji-eum is already in love with Seo-ha, he barely knows her and so it is understandable that he finds her behavior strange. However, the episode will make the audience root for Ji-eum when she finally confesses her feelings to him.
  • This episode also has emotional scenes, as it mainly focused on Ji-eum’s feelings. When she sees people around her mourning her, she not only feels their pain but also her own longing to reunite with the family she lost a little too soon.
  • The episode also tried to explore Ji-eum and Cho-won’s as well as Seo-ha and Do-yun’s bond. While Ji-eum and Cho-won’s relationship seems warm, Seo-ha and Do-yun currently lack the chemistry that is needed to make their friendship seem special. 
See You in My 19th Life season 1 episode 3
See You in My 19th Life season 1 episode 3 recap & review: The Agony of Parting With the One You Love 1

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