See You in My 19th Life season 1 finale recap, review & ending explained

In the final episode of See You in My 19th Life, Ji-eum is forced to make a difficult choice in order to lead a normal life. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.

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In Ji-eum’s first life, Cheon-un left Su and Han-ya to die, and they died next to each other. Ji-eum now knows that she was the one who cursed herself to remember all her past lives. 

She also knows that Seo-ha was always a good person and that he did not hurt her. Seeing Ji-eum’s reaction, Seo-ha comes to the conclusion that he must have been shot or stabbed, but he has no desire to know who did that or why they did it.

Meanwhile, Do-yun keeps thinking about Cho-won. It turns out that he always watched her from afar but never approached her. Cho-won is conflicted and does not know what to do about her feelings for Do-yun. He then comes to give her an umbrella, which reminds her of the day they first met.

Cho-won gives him one last gift and tells him that she will stop being greedy from now on. She wants him to smile a lot, so she decides to stop pursuing him, but Do-yun stops her. He confesses that he wants to keep holding on to her.

He warns her that people will gossip about them. While he is used to that, she is not. He asks her if she is okay with that. Cho-won does not care about other people’s judgment, Do-yun finally confesses his feelings for her, and the two of them start dating.

Ji-eum goes to see Min-gi, who always thought that once she remembers everything, she will come to get her revenge on him. Ji-eum has no such intentions, as all those things happened a thousand years ago. 

Min-gi confesses that he is tormented by that life every time he thinks about it, as people lost their lives because of him and Ji-eum’s curse began. He wanted to ask for forgiveness and redeem himself. Ji-eum tells him that she is not Su anymore, and their current lives are important, not that life.

He then tells her about breaking the curse of remembering her past lives. Ji-eum is ready to do what he says, as she wants to be happy in this life. However, if she becomes normal, she will lose the memories of the people from her past lives, including Seo-ha, Cho-won, and Ae-gyeong.

Han-na followed the same instructions and has now become a normal person. Ji-eum runs into her, but Han-na does not recognize her.

Seo-ha meets Director Lee in prison and tells him that he should have comforted his father when his mother passed away, as he was also suffering. The two of them should have cleared the air then. He also tells his uncle that he is hopeful enough to become happy, which makes his uncle happy. 

When his uncle apologizes to him again, Seo-ha tells him that Do-yun accompanied him there, and his uncle apologizes to him as well. Seo-ha makes it clear to Do-yun that the two of them are like family at this point and thanks him for everything.

Cho-won and Do-yun come to the hospital together to see Ae-gyeong, and everyone finds out about their relationship. Before being taken for the surgery, Ae-gyeong tells Ji-eum to do what’s best for her, not other people.

Like Ae-gyeong, Seo-ha can also tell that Ji-eum is worried and scared about something, so he goes to Min-gi to question him about it. Min-gi tells Seo-ha everything. 

At the same time, the idea of losing the memories of the three people she loves the most is heartbreaking for Ji-eum, yet she asks Min-gi about what needs to be done to break the curse. He tells her that to break the curse, she needs a carefree heart and four words.

When Ji-eum is crying because she does not want to forget the people she loves, Seo-ha takes her hand and makes her run to make her forget her worries for some time. He also plays with her until she is laughing and smiling again.

Seo-ha then confesses that he never liked the thought of Ji-eum remembering him after his death, as he does not want him to keep looking for him in another life. He tells her that he knows everything and promises her that he, along with Cho-won and Ae-gyoeng, will come to her even if she forgets them. 

Seo-ha is not worried, as he believes that Ji-eum will love him even if she does not recognize him. He then gives her a pair of couple rings that he bought for them. The two of them now have matching rings.

Similarly, Cho-won buys matching jewelry for herself and Ji-eum, who decides to go to Cho-won’s house and meet the woman who was her mother in her past life. Cho-won and Ji-eum enjoy their mother’s food together.

Cho-won’s mother tells Ji-eum that she did not change anything in Ju-won’s room because she thought she would come back. Ji-eum hugs her but does not reveal the truth.

See You in My 19th Life season 1 ending explained in detail:

Does Ji-eum break the curse?

Ji-eum finally goes to the bridge, where she died in her first life, with the bells. She meets Su in a different place when she closes her eyes, and Su asks her if she is happy.

Ji-eum tells her that she is happy now. She says goodbye to Ae-gyeong, Cho-won, their mother, and Seo-ha. With a carefree heart that is ready to forget everything, she says, “It’s all good now.” When she opens her eyes, she does not remember any of her past lives. 

Does Ji-eum meet Ae-gyeong, Cho-won, and Seo-ha again?

After becoming a regular person and forgetting everyone, Ji-eum goes back to being a research engineer at MI Mobity. Seo-ha and Do-yun, who is still with Cho-won, discuss that it is about time that Ji-eum returns to the hotel. 

When Ji-eum goes shopping, Cho-won approaches her, and the two women hit it off immediately. They exchange cards and promise to meet again. Before Cho-won leaves with Do-yun, she tells Ji-eum about Ae-gyeong’s restaurant.

Ji-eum goes to Ae-gyeong’s restaurant that very day. There, she meets Seo-ha, who acts like he already knows her. Ji-eum finds him attractive, and when he leaves, she is left confused and speechless.

Ji-eum also meets Ae-gyeong, who is well now. She loves the food, and it tastes very much like the dishes that she cooks herself. Ae-gyeong asks her to come often and promises to give her a lot of food. Ji-eum plans to be a regular customer at Ae-gyeong’s restaurant.

Does Ji-eum fall in love with Seo-ha again?

Ji-eum goes to the MI Hotel, which is much better than before, as Seo-ha wants her to be a part of the marketing team. Like every other time, they meet by the poolside, but this time, Seo-ha asks her the question that she asked him when they first met.

Seo-ha is now the CEO of MI Hotel, and he admits that he transferred her to the marketing team because he wanted to see her. He wanted them to meet personally, but it was taking a lot of time, so he took matters into his own hands.

Seo-ha behaves the way Ji-eum did when she first came for the job interview; he even asks her to date him if she is unsure about the job. This time, she is the one who is dumbfounded. He does not want to let her go now that he has seen her. 

He then sees that she is still wearing the ring that he gave her and points out that they are wearing matching rings meant for couples. He tells her that he is going to ask her out three times, and if she says no every time, he will give up. 

He wastes no time and uses his first chance to ask her out. Ji-eum looks charmed and smiles, which shows that they will probably fall in love again.


  • Seo-ha and Ji-eum’s story comes to an end in this episode, and it is carried out well. With their roles now reversed, the audience can predict what will happen to them next, and the story ends on a hopeful note
  • The last episode of See You in My 19th Life concludes various subplots as well, but they do not end in a satisfying way like Seo-ha and Ji-eum’s story. The rushed endings, like that of Cho-won and Do-yun’s, leave much to be desired.
  • This episode also focuses on the relationships that Ji-eum values the most, and due to that, this episode is full of touching scenes. Ji-eum visiting her mother from her past life before forgetting everything is one of them.
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