See You in My 19th Life season 1 episode 10 recap & review: Everything Has a Beginning and an End

The tenth episode of See You in My 19th Life sees Seo-ha getting Ms. Jang fired while Ji-eum deals with the news of Ae-gyeong’s sickness. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


When Ji-eum takes Seo-ha to the bridge that she remembers from her first life, he gifts her jewelry and asks her to date him. As he rejected her twice, Ji-eum also rejects him twice and says yes the third time. They officially become a couple, and Seo-ha promises to stay by her side.

Ji-eum then remembers stabbing Seo-ha in her first life and getting shot with an arrow. When she was shot in the back, Min-gi was also present there. The memory leaves her breathless for a minute, but she does not tell Seo-ha about it.

Ji-eum and Seo-ha have plans to stay there overnight. When Ji-eum goes to sleep, she dreams about her first life again. She comes to the conclusion that in that life, Seo-ha was Master Han-ya from a shrine, and she was named Su. 

Ji-eum then goes to Seo-ha’s room and sleeps in his bed. On the other hand, Do-yun keeps thinking about Cho-won. He is distracted all the time, and his brother knows that he is heartbroken. 

Ji-eum and Seo-ha visit many places the next day, and she tells him that he is her most special memory. In this life, people from her past lives accepted her, and she thinks that this is her reward for enduring the pain of remembering all her past lives.

When they return home, Seo-ha avoids taking Ji-seok’s calls because he does not want to attend his friends’ gathering, where one of them is going to give out wedding invitations. Seo-ha does not like the way his friends treat Do-yun, so he decides not to go. 

Cho-won goes to the gathering, and Do-yun comes there to collect the invitation on Seo-ha’s behalf. Ji-seok tries to humiliate him once again. Once he leaves, Cho-won rebukes Ji-seok and leaves because seeing Do-yun treated badly hurts her.

Ae-gyeong’s condition gets worse, and she is admitted to the hospital again. This time, Ji-eum is informed about it, and Min-gi confesses that Ae-gyeong asked him to keep her health condition a secret. 

Ji-eum waits for her to wake up and remembers the memories she made with Ae-gyeong in her 17th life. Ji-eum is scared of losing Ae-gyeong; she wants Ae-gyeong to stay by her side.

Han-na leaves a present for Seo-ha on his doorstep and meets Min-gi. He tells her that she no longer needs to remember her past lives, as the life that she wants is ahead of her. 

When she is told about Ae-gyeong, she thinks that she should have warned Ji-eum, but Min-gi thinks that it is something that he needs to tell Ji-eum and something Ji-eum needs to resolve.

Han-na then returns an object to him and says that she is done seeing her first life. Min-gi will now tell her what to do next and what comes afterward.

Seo-ha asks a distressed Ji-eum to call him whenever she needs him, as he knows what it is like to have a sick family member. Ji-eum continues taking care of Ae-gyeong in the hospital. 

The box that Han-na left for Seo-ha contains evidence of Ms. Jang’s corruption. In it, he also finds his mother’s notebook, which has records of the slush funds that Ms. Jang swindled. He accuses Ms. Jang of taking advantage of his mother when she was sick and stealing from her. 

Seo-ha is going to take legal action against her. He discussed this with his father beforehand, and the board has agreed to dismiss Ms. Jang from her position. She is informed by Chairman Mun that the police are waiting for her downstairs, and Ms. Jang is forced to leave the hotel.

Han-na approaches Seo-ha and says goodbye to him. She gives him a small turtle keychain as a present because when she was his mother, she often told him that he was a turtle in his past life. 

Ji-eum informs Min-gi that they might close down Ae-gyeong’s restaurant and asks him to look for another place to stay. Min-gi then tells her that surgery is not going to cure Ae-gyeong.

He knows this because he has experienced the consequences of meeting people from one’s past lives. Reconnecting with them creates problems, and it is the people that they meet and reconnect with who suffer. 

It would not have been so bad if Ji-eum and Ae-gyeong were enemies in Ji-eum’s past life, as they would have had something to resolve, but fond connections need to be left in the past and forgotten. Ae-gyeong can even die.

When Ji-eum does not believe him, he points out that she does not know about this because she has never been with someone from her past life for this long and has never lived with them like family. This is not a new life for Ji-eum because she is still clinging to the past.

Other people from her past lives with whom she has reconnected will meet the same fate as Ae-gyeong. Min-gi wants to help Ji-eum find peace. He tells her that she still has a chance to stop remembering past lives, but for that, she needs to remember her first life.

To resolve this problem and save Ae-gyeong, Ji-eum tries to remember her first life by touching the shaman bells. It turns out that Do-yun and Cho-won were also a part of that life. 

She remembers the need to save Cho-won. She sees herself running with her, being chased by men, and then witnessing her death. It seems like Seo-ha was responsible for Cho-won’s death.

At this moment, Seo-ha comes to meet Ji-eum and tries to bring her back to the present. She starts sobbing and then repeating that she is going to kill him over and over again as she did in her first life. When she sees Seo-ha there, she starts choking him.


  • Similar to the last few episodes, this episode also builds up the mystery of Ji-eum’s first life, and it does it better than any other episode. The ending will leave the audience asking for more.
  • The show hastily wrapped up the accident subplot, and in this episode, the same was done to Ms. Jang’s subplot. It is tying up the loose ends as its end nears, but it is doing it in a very unsatisfying manner.
  • Furthermore, while the episode is exciting in the beginning and the end, it gets a little dull in the middle. Due to this, Ae-gyeong and Ji-eum’s scenes fail to move the audience.
See You in My 19th Life season 1 episode 10
See You in My 19th Life season 1 episode 10 recap & review: Everything Has a Beginning and an End 1

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